Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Back in time to String Me Along


 Going back to  an early project.......String Me Along .
  I love this quilt.   I have it hanging in the sunroom and so enjoy all the details and fun things I learned and used in it.  

Here's the link to the post from 2011, when I finished it.

   I was looking at it yesterday and saw the hummingbird on it.   And that reminded me to check on the hummingbird needed cleaning and refilling.    I enjoy their garden antics....swooping in, darting among the branches, hovering nearby, and then all out war to claim the territory.
  What you see on the quilt is what you can find in my gardens...... or could when things were in good shape :)

And one more critter on the quilt that we watch hopping around and nibbling our weeds, etc.  You might have to look close to find him as I sort of camouflaged him under the flower.

  Another post with a few details about the blocks, stitching, and such.   Most of the information on this quilt is scattered over about 6 posts and sort of jumbled.  It was early blogging days....I did not know what I was doing really:)  Second, some of the post have lost photos, need a fix, and such due I think to the blogger switch/change up format from a few years back.

  Would I do this again?  You bet.....only better and probably not as large.  I recently ran across the templates for the appliques I used.  Most of them were original, so I think that is why I kept them.   And there would be lots more floral fabrics.....instead of leftover bits and strings.

  But right now.....I am working on lots of small items for gifts, and guild boutique items.....more mug rugs:)  I have a couple of wall hangings to pin for quilting and that will be my time eater for the week.     So until I get some things done......happy stitching.


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Pretty quilt!

Janet O. said...

What a lovely, original work, Debbie. Great little details you have included. Now you can enjoy your garden even during the cold weather. But I guess with all the floral fabrics in your watercolor quilts, you have indoor gardens everywhere! :)

Vroomans' Quilts said...

So lovely to revisit an old friend that means so much. Enjoy your smaller projects - it will inspire for the next big project.

Dana Gaffney said...

So pretty, I love the little details. I don't remember this one so thanks for the revisit :)

Sylvia Anderson said...

I can see why you love this quilt Debbie, as do I, since it depicts what I see every day out our kitchen windows. We love all the birds and enjoy their antics as they dash here and there, chase and dive bomb each other and vie for top spots on the feeders and underneath. Sew much fun!

Gene Black said...

I love it. Was the hummingbird a print that was fussy cut or did you construct it from various fabrics?

Mystic Quilter said...

Heck of a lot of beautiful applique in this lovely quilt! Good luck with the mug rugs, I'm hoping to make a few for Christmas gifts.

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