Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Mixed bag

  I am continuing to piece...no pinning or quilting for now due to the pain in wrist and hands.  When the grip is weak, it is better to just do random piecing.  So I have a small mixed bag of blocks for projects to share.

  The Easy Breezy leader and ender project from Bonnie Hunter has a few blocks completed.  The small tray on the left has a good stack of sorted paired parts for blocks.I am clipping the finished ones into stacks of 10,,,,so 11 done so far.

  Bricks and Stepping Stones is a pattern also from Bonnie under the Free patterns here.  This is really an unfinished leader and ender project from years back.
  I am using floral 2'' squares for the small four patch units.  Then these are set in the corner of more solid / tonal fabrics.
Bonnie's original pattern is set a bit differently into long rectangle blocks.  This is just another variation.

    What I am really trying to piece....5'' spool blocks....and the leader and ender units go in between sections of this one.   A few blocks / triangles got a bit wonky, but they can just join the fray.    I have about 30 of these  to date.

   I have a written list of sizes for cutting the different parts for all three of these different blocks.   So obviously the same fabric will appear in spots in each of them probably.
  From one 2'' fabric strip  I might cut a 5'' strip and 4 squares for the spool block, and also 3 1/2'' pieces for the Easy Breezy block.
  Then I can sit and sort and put together fabrics I like for latter piecing.

   On the home front.....I got out of the house over the weekend when we ran a few errands.  A quick stop at Big Lots with masks--ugh--for a new small electric chopper.  I found the 3 cup size which is a bit bigger than the one that died.  I should be able to use this for chopping leftover roast for enchiladas!  Good thing :)
   Not so good to see was the massive amount of construction and changes taking place around here. They clear cut land and trees to put up homes and apartments, then will eventually plant pencil twigs to replace the old growth.  Sigh.   Then we saw another couple of acres cleared for a new grocery store.  Fine, if they keep the shelves stocked.  I guess it is the growing population moving here that is keeping our shelves slightly bare.
  And lastly.....bad storm a few days ago, and I remember hearing an extremely loud crack and flash.  This morning Sir Old Man spotted the tallest pine in the back leaning, dying, and split at the base.  Lightning hit.  He is calling Lupe to take care of it.  Oh, and the earthquake.  LOL....yes, there was an earthquake of 5.1 in NC yesterday morning.  It was felt here, but no damage seen here.  More shaking on Monday morning, very light.  I am thankful for that. 
  Off to do some therapy sewing.  Happy stitching.


Gene Black said...

Your random piecing looks good. I hate it when they clearcut old growth for "progress."

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Good progress on your blocks. I hate clear cutting trees too. It just cannot be that hard to leave some for shade.

Ray and Jeanne said...

Your spool blocks look great and I love your leader/ender projects. I don't remember the Bricks and Stepping Stones one. My mind must be getting old! So glad you were able to get out of the house for a bit. It does a body good even though we don't appreciate some of the changes we see. DS1 feels deprived - he didn't feel the earthquake but his wife dd. ~Jeanne

Mary said...

Piecing is my favorite part of the process, and you have plenty of choices to keep you from getting bored. Your area has certainly had more than than it's share of weather events lately.

MissPat said...

Sorry to hear about the tree damage on your property. Always sad to lose mature trees. And even worse when the tree destruction is intentional. And an earthquake! 2020 is certainly become the year of catastrophe in more ways than one. Your blocks in progress are coming along nicely. I really need to finish some projects, but the lure of new blocks is tempting.

Barb Neiwert said...

I follow earthquake reports around the country and thought it so odd for your area to have a quake of that size. Glad you had no damage. We had a very large quake here in Idaho in March and have had literally thousands of aftershocks, many so mild you can't feel them, but some that make you sit up and notice. Epicenter was about 70 miles away from us. And before I forget to tell you, your dog blocks are awfully cute!

LA Paylor said...

HOly cats! an earthquake!!!? Locusts, pestilence, disease, now earthquakes.

but still you create... good for you... order from chaos... something of beauty from fabric, needle and thread and you inspire us

Louise said...

I just saw a pattern the other day that used those spools as an alternate block. They were offset in a way that made an unusual sort of spiral shape. I might need to start putting some together. I'm glad that you can putter away at piecing without aggravating your hands :)

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Saw a similar (maybe the same--it was "a Bonnie") leader-ender on another blog just today and it has me thinking. I don't usually do those because I feel like I have all I can do to focus on the project at hand but this just looks like a good way to get some scraps used up. Do you find that even the small sewing helps--mentally--with the pain? Like perhaps "warms the heart/soul" to be making something?
I sure don't like to see the city sprawl take place so close here--love the convenience but I'd give it all up to have it quiet like it used to be. What're ya gonna do? (Stay home more! Hide out in the back yard! Etc!). Glad you had no damage from the earthquake. We started getting them here for a few years (odd for midwest) but they seem to have stopped. (Everyone said it was due to fracking so maybe they cut back on that.). We're used to tornadoes but I find earthquakes to pile on a little much!

Nicki said...

Your blocks are coming along nicely. I like your modification setting of Bonnie's Stones pattern. You always come up with great ideas & the final results are always beautiful.
Sorry to hear about that tree in the back yard. We once had a lightning strike that actually came and struck a big willow tree in the front yard. It took about a month to see the affects on the tree as it started to die.
Keep sewing when you can as I know that makes you happy & we all could use some "happy" these days.

Quilting Babcia said...

Clear cutting is definitely the worst kind of development, indicating the developer is just out for the quick easy buck with no care for quality of life of the eventual residents. So sad, same thing is going on near my sister's neighborhood in Oregon. Your eclectic approach to all these scrappy blocks will result in some fun quilts! I hope the aftershocks are finished in your area.

Shasta Matova said...

You are making great progress on all those blocks. I hope your hands heal quickly and feel better so that you can get a full range of quilting choices.

Astrid said...

Glad the earthquake, and the tree, didn't do any damage to your house and area. Love all your blocks. Great way using up those bits and pieces.

Mystic Quilter said...

To save my wrist I'm commenting on your last post also Debbie, I do like your Out of Focus quilt, nothing quite like strip piecing! Pleased you got out of the house briefly and I can relate to your comments today about the loss of trees and gardens to cover the ground with new houses and other buildings. We have the same problem here. Hope you can get the damaged tree taken down safely and happy sewing with the quilting projects.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

We had storms Monday afternoon. 11 tornadoes in the Chicagoland area (missed us, thank goodness). About 1 million people without power (down to less than 100,000 now). Glad you are safe. Sorry about the tree.

Janet O. said...

Oh, I hate to see old growth trees taken out for developments. How much nicer any development would be with some nice shade trees already in place.
You have a good variety of projects from which to choose when you head for some therapy stitching.

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