Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bee Challenge--a fiasco and insights!

Since it was icy over the weekend, I decided to tackle the Bee Challenge.  Ugh!  I like the projects suggested but  HATE the technique for applique.  Freezer paper and a glue stick are not  for me.  My fingers no longer bend and grip like they once did, and I was gluing things to myself and everything else in sight.  So after a couple of hours, I caved in and threw the entire mess in the trash.....sorry, Shelia.  I instead pulled out the heat and bond and fused my applique in place.  I am doing a small table runner instead of a wall hanging, and mixed the floral designs from a couple of suggested  projects.   
So, as always, this too is a lesson to learn, and insight gained. 

Insight 1:   Applique for me is an accent, and not the focal point. 
Insight 2:   I am happiest when I put my twist on a design/layout. 
Insight 3:   Stick with what I do best.  Just because a technique is out there, it doesn't mean I have to try every one of them. 
I also worked on the flowers in the sunshine art quilt from Delia's blog.  My paint did not work very well, and is blotchy.  I think it was too watery.  But decided to go ahead anyway and see how it turns out.
So, I now have 4 projects ready for the machine.  The guild Challenge --zen banner-- to quilt, scrappy mountains to quilt, and the bee challenge to machine applique and thread paint, and the flowers in the sunshine to stitch down. 
I am still watching Remy this week, but hopefully will get machine  time by Thursday.  
Till then, happy stitching.

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