Saturday, February 20, 2010

Finally back to the French Braid

I finally got back to the french braid that has been on my design wall for 2 months!   And it is looking good.
I needed to trim the edges and add the inner border strips of black.  I did not follow the directions exactly---which said to trim the edges after marking and then add the strips.   That would leave me with bias edges to stitch to.  So I marked the jagged edges with the new green marking pencil (  the ceramic type--worked great even on dark fabrics) and then stitched the black strips to the run.  I then cut off the jagged edge and pressed.  I had next to no stretching and everything seems to be flat.  Yea! 

I grabbed the new gadget and added New Pages to the blog a couple of days ago.  I still have a couple of photos to upload of free motion quilting to put on that page.  Thumbs up--great idea for a gadget.

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