Sunday, February 28, 2010

In my creative zone

I have been in my creative zone most of the weekend.  Thread painting the robin and some leaves took most of yesterday afternoon.  I decided to try the leaves on fabric and pattern maker web.  Much easier and better results I think.  
 I  decided to at least get the threads off the floor today and straighten up the sewing room.  Oh boy, I needed a shovel not a vacuum to get them up.  I have 3 trashcans and 2 thread catcher bags and there was more thread on the floor than in all of them combined!  
I quickly finished up 2 tool cases I had cut and started to donate to our boutique at the quilt show this fall.    I love the tool case I did for me.  I can keep it with my featherweight and have a small cutting mat and cutter and ruler right there.  And it is a great way to use up miscellanous fabrics.
Then I decided to at least pick out fabrics for the "Irish Landscape" class.  An hour later I am drowning in fabrics and bins of scraps, when Russ walks in and starts talking.  After he walked out, I realized I had been in my zone and had no idea what he said.   And I am usually the one who complains he never hears me.  I think I need to fix a nice dinner to apologize.....after I finish sorting fabric. 

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