Thursday, February 18, 2010

Too many ideas....

The art quilt group met today for our first discussion on Chapter 1 and to get to know each other better.  I still have not decided on a theme for my projects.  I think I am trying to focus too close on one thing rather than a general theme.  Jaylyn made an excellent point to look at what you collect, or have a lot of around you, or maybe a foreign country.
So I looked around.  I have a collection of old advertising tins,  a collection of botanical prints, old keys that I collected and framed, a small collection of pottery and teapots.  Nothing clicked. 
Over dinner I mentioned all this to Russ....and then I said foreign country.  Two places  I would love to visit are Greece and England.  I looked around and remembered the three prints that I have framed in the dining room .  They are pen and ink sketches down by Russ' great-uncle in England from the 1930's .  And there is  a small watercolor of an English thatch roof cottage, too that I had framed.  Light bulb theme was right in front of me.    Theme:  England, a place I want to explore.
Now, I can sleep well tonight and tackle the next chapter tomorrow.

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