Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Heading success

After 2 dozen tries at least...success in creating a header for the blog that I like.  The new design feature just doesn't understand that I don't want a header that is huge, so I had to crop a new photo by just taking a thin slice of it.  Much better.  But I still can't get the preview option to work...oh,well.
RAIN-- wonderful rain last night.  And cooler for a few days or so they say.  Any day below 90 degrees is a keeper. 
    We had an unexpected visitor yesterday afternoon.  He swooped in and rested on the deck railing for about 10 minutes.  I think it was  a red-tail hawk.  Glad I was safe inside...he was huge.                 
 After he flew away, I threw this quilt over the railing for a quick photo.  This is the quilt for our out-going  guild President this year.  All the strips were donated by members along with a signature strip.  I sewed  a simple basket weave design and another member, Jaylyn, did the quilting.  Fun to make and a great thank you.

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