Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Monday's art quilt project

Yesterday I was determined to stay on schedule and get to the Art Quilt Workbook  project.  My inspiration was a photo of the moors in Devon, England.  Each field seemed to be a different shade of green and was bounded by stone walls.
I began by sewing hunks of green fabrics together  (for the fields) to get a large enough piece to cut and slash apart for insets.  The inset fabric is a rock print, like they often use to divide the fields.   Then I added the curved piece for the sky, and decided to add a curved section for the foreground. 
But I don't like the  strong line between the greens in the middle.  Even adding yarns to soften the lines doesn't work for me.  Russ was harsher---ugh.

Insight Inset strips are  not my favorite technique.  But I am enjoying the curved seam technique---done by top stitching. 
I have decided what to do with the other block from the first exercise with curved seams.  It is the reverse placement of the background fabrics that I did the purple moose on.  Since the moose is going to be in my AK quilt, I think this  other block will be a great background for the  fire weed wild flower that  I have been working on.  The  pattern is based on the road signs we saw of the fire weed areas.   Here's  block two for the AK quilt.

 Insight:   Who knew I would be brave enough to draw my own patterns?   Not me, but I am. 

So, to tackle the theme project again.....I decided to take a different path and use the stack and shuffle method to create the moors.  I only used 3 greens this time and used inset strips in a couple of places and yarn in another.  Much better this time.  I just whacked off the bottom on the first one to create the foreground.  And I like the sky fabric better too.  Yep, think I am done here.
Happy stitching.

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