Friday, June 25, 2010

Quilt pattern used for the ALS donation

Starry Twist that I donated to the ALS Challenge is posted on the Hopes and Dreams facebook page.  Lots of wonderful comments and interest in the pattern, so I said I would put the info on my blog. 
The pattern is by Bonnie Hunter and was printed in Quiltmaker magazine in the Jan/Feb '09 issue.  Bonnie calls it Tropical Twist.  I checked for a link on her site and at the magazine site and no luck.  I have emailed Bonnie for permission to post instructions with the sizes of strips and squares that I used.   I don't want to violate any of her copyrights, so until then check your back issues to see if you have the magazine.    If she gives me permission, I will post basic instructions.  Thanks to all who commented and emailed about this pattern. 

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