Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sweet scents of inspiration?

Looks what is blooming right now....this lily is huge!  There must be 20 buds on it, and it stands over 5 feet tall.  The blooms are about 8 inches across when open and have the sweetest scent, especially in the evening.  I just love the buttery color of the petals.  Could be a great inspiration photo for an art quilt.....or just to be inspired by the color combination for a project,   or use the curved lines of the petals for a quilting pattern/design for texture.  Hmmm....I think I just did a word/photo association exercise  to jump start my imagination!
I got the nicest  phone call today from Quilter's Dream Batting.  They received the quilt I sent for the ALS Hopes and Dreams Challenge and wanted to thank me and let me know the quilt was being photographed to use on their facebook wall.  How many times does someone call to thank you for a donation quilt?   This was a first for me, and I have donated quite a few quilts to various organizations.  The call left a wonderful impression of the company on me,  as well as validating me as a person and quilter.   Guess you can tell who will get my business when I purchase batting....and probably another donation quilt! 
Insight---I'm a sucker for a big thank you.  And I can be loyal to a fault.
Happy stitching.   

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