Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First jacket block

    This is the initial palette of fabrics I am using for the drunkard's path jacket.  I ordered more batiks from  Patchwork Gracie  with my prize certificate.  I have  to rave a little bit about their service...just fabulous.  Tammie shipped immediately and then sent me an email to let me know that she is refunding part of the shipping because she was able to use a flat pack envelope.  That has never happened before to me.  Customer attention   deserves recognition.   You might consider dropping by their site and checking it out. 

Today is cool and rainy...again and more on the way.  So I decided to try something fun for the afternoon.....
 Here's my first block for the jacket class.  I used a block from EQ7 and altered it a bit to make a paper piecing pattern.   I played around in EQ and drafted off a couple of more blocks to try.    I don't want them all the same.  I will include a few "plain" drunkard's path blocks, too.  
  Now before anyone who knows me, gets  excited about the curved seam.....I confess.   I used my usual technique  of top stitching the curves down.  Look close you can see the stitches.  The batiks press under so well and create a sharp edge--it is just so easy to stitch from the front with a tiny blanket stitch.
  In the class, the glue stick method is used.  Remember ----me and a glue stick do not play well together.  I end up glued to the fabric instead of the fabric to the pattern.   Not a pretty sight to see, or hear about.

I finished the free motion quilting on Justin's quilt and I am ready to add the points and the facing.  Hopefully, it works like I planned/hoped/expect it to and I will have some photos to show how I finished it off. 
Happy stitching.

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