Monday, March 7, 2011

Graduation quilt

This is going to be a variation of a quilt I made several years ago.   It is more of a technique rather than a pattern.....the stars form by using sashing.   I rarely use a sashing  between blocks in my quilts.  I much more enjoy all over patterns or overall designs.  There are great instructions on this block/technique at ---so I'm not going to even try to duplicate it.  The block is Morning Star.    Basically, the cornerstone in the sashing forms the center of the star, and by adding flip and sew corners to the sashing strips, you create a star. 

 For Justin's version I am using a large block....a very large block of 18 inches.  Instead of a single square framed by the star sashing, this one will have a nine patch of 6 inch squares with a 4 inch sashing.
    The original photo that he gave me to work from was a quilt of just large squares with a prairie point edge.  I planned it out in EQ7 but was having a hard time getting started on it.   I think I found it boring and just wanted to add some kind of design to it. 
   Here's the EQ7  layout for this variation with only 9 stars.  I set up a swatch card for the stars and planned the layout of the sashing too. Because the stars are not all the same color,  I needed a guide to follow as I add the points to the sashing strips.  I have the 9 patch sections done and 2 stars completed so far.  I should have it together in a couple of days.   I think I have it figured out how to finish it off like he wants with the zig-zag points loose!  More on that later.
Happy stitching.   Yea!  Preview is now working on blogger!

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Eileen said...

I like those stretched out stars, looks really neat!

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