Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hail storm!

   Just when I got into the sewing room about 4 pm today.....the skies opened up and it all came down.  Hail and more hail hitting the back windows so hard I thought they would break.  The pounding went on and on.  This is looking out the front door....the yard is covered in about 10 minutes. 

When the hail let up, I went onto the back covered porch....the chair cushion was full of hail.  This was scary.  Guess we will need to get the roof inspected after this one. 

  So needless to say, no stitching today.  I pulled out a couple of things to play around with tonight that I can use for a journal quilt, since I missed last week completely.  Maybe, I should call one of them--hail storm ;)
Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and I pray for sunny skies for all.  Happy stitching.


Deborah in Atlanta said...

You're in South Carolina and you had hail today? Holy cow!!!!

Cheryl said...

Wow!! Thats a lot of hail ! I can imagine it was scary! It looks like some red with the hail in the front yard is that rose bud blooms ?

Mary said...

I hope you won't need your roof repaired, but do check it out.

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