Thursday, March 10, 2011

The last BIG quilt

It is just getting to much to tackle when the quilt is bigger than my work space, floor, or design wall.  So this one has got to be the last BIG quilt I do.  Of course, my daughter reminded me that I've said that before.  And this one is for Justin.  This is about half of it before borders--right now it is 88" square! 
  I didn't do the stretched star points after all.  It wasted so much fabric,  and I was very happy with this traditional look.  I like the subtle blend of the stars rather then having them stand out too much.  Justin is a very laid back guy who loves the outdoors and hunting. So the earth tone colors --with a couple of zingers--should suit him well.   I'm ready to add the dark green border and the points.....but how will I ever get this hunk of fabric quilted????    Think I'll ponder that next week.
   Looks like life is getting ready to change again.....for months we have prayed for my brother to get a job, and/or to sell his house.  Whoa....this weekend we showed the house and it sold right off, and today he got a job and an offer for another! 
I stand in awe.  I am glad and sad.  It is all great, it just means Remy will be  far away.   It only proves the Lord's provenance in our lives. 
    Happy stitching, 

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Eileen said...

Hi Debbie,
Have you seen the Lazy Angle Ruler? You could make those elongated star points using that ruler, and you'll have very little waste. The sashing would be pieced rather than one long strip of fabric.
Well, after another look, it wouldn't be exactly the same, the points part of the sashing would need to be a square, so they wouldn't be quite that stretched out, but close.
Good luck with the quilting.

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