Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Books, fabric, and mug rugs

So what have I been up to?  Staying inside that is for sure.  The temp was 99 degrees yesterday with a heat index of 107.   Today is bad too. 
Small things taking up my sewing time.........
Washing and pressing fabric.......I kind of went overboard Monday night at guild.  My excuse was it's half price and left from a shop that closed a few months ago, and now I have a great selection for a fall table runner (and tutorial)!  Mostly batiks and a couple of great tonal fabrics.  No I didn't need it, but I sure left with a bag full.
  I also brought home boxes of books.....that I have to sort through as I am guild librarian this year.  I am trying to get everything entered into a database, and it is slow going.   For some reason I keep getting distracted by a pattern or design I like, a new technique, etc.  But I have found a lot of  inspiration and my mind is full of ideas.  Help!
  I managed to bust the wheel off the book shelf at guild and now Sir Old Man has to design and build a new one.  
Insight:   Same old thing.....I start  or get involved in a project and he has to jump in,  save me, and get it finished  :)

  And a few mugs rugs for the guild boutique for our
quilt show in October.  I have 8 of them sewn so far, and ready to be finished off with a little bit of quilting.   I made these small ---about 4 " by 5".
   My attention span seems very short this week, and I am blaming it on the weather and heat.  I have two tops to quilt, but they will have to wait.
Happy stitching,

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Exuberant Color said...

that is the best way to build stash, good sale prices.

our heat finally broke and we had a low humidity day near 80 degrees. tonight is is supposed to go down to 58 so I'll have the whole house fan on in the morning. It lookes like you are getting rain in your area so I hope you get some cool weather too.

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