Monday, July 4, 2011

Ending and beginning

  Before I started a new project, I needed to finish up a couple of tops from the closet.  They are pin basted and ready to go under the needle.  Both will probably be donations quilts.  I got a start on quilting the rail fence one. 
  During the quilting, I had time to think and reflect on the project that has been filling my mind.  So it is safe to say  that I found a new project that should take me through the summer.  I am using  this pattern, Florabunda from Bonnie at Quiltville, that she put on her blog.  It is based on an old quilt she discovered while teaching in Florida earlier this year.  I can't say it is beautiful, but the story and location behind it spoke to me.  Well, to be truthful, it shouted, and yelled, and just wouldn't leave me alone! 
    Why would the story and location matter to me?  Here's the thing.....I grew up in Central Florida---Orlando BD, before Disney---and I was a child of the 60's.   Flowers in the hair, flower power, and yellow, orange, and green were the colors of the time.....I still remember the curtains I made for my room ----yellow with orange and white daisies.  Can you imagine?
  I made most of my clothes at that time, too.  One of the prints in the quilt Bonnie found is so very close to the fabric I used for a vest that I wore with a yellow dress,  that I actually can visualize that outfit.   So yes, it has been haunting me.
   Nothing would help until I made one block.  I made one and cut strips for lots more---yellow background and florals for each block.   This is really not typical for me, but I believe it may be therapeutic.....memories and using up some of the floral stash.  :)
Happy stitching,


Mary said...

I know what it means for a quilt to speak to you, and sometimes that inner voice must be followed!

Pattilou said...

How fun for you to have such memories while making a quilt. I love the Jacob's ladder quilt block and have used it on several quilts. It always works up nicely.

Back in the 60's wasn't it more accepted to make clothes for yourself? By the time my daughter came of age in the 80's I could only get away with one home made formal. The rest HAD to be purchased. And that cute black and white polka dot formal was still my favorite! Oh well, I remember when I started teaching in 1980, I couldn't wait to get my first paycheck so I could buy some "purchased" pants! ...out with the double knits and in with plackets and pockets! Thanks for the memories.

Lynne said...

I was a child of the sixties, my mum made my clothes (except trousers) and knited my jumpers. The worst dress of all time, which she forced me to wear to a school dance, was made from stiff lemon "lace" - I hated the dress and no one asked me to dance for the whole night so I hated it even more! Perhaps that's why I don't much like yellow now!

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