Saturday, July 9, 2011

Free Motion Feathers?

  After spending 8 hours in the ER with Russ' Dad yesterday, I was so tired.   What is it about sitting and waiting that wears you out?    Thankfully, there is nothing seriously wrong, just an abrupt decline.
  So this morning I needed a machine fix!  Nothing that a little feather practice wouldn't cure.  I used a piece of tan cotton for this practice....and just went for it. 
  I learned a few things along the way.  1.  It is hard to follow or backtrack over sewn lines.   2.  I sew better and have more control working from the bottom to the top.  3.  Coming down from the top to the bottom of the feather is a disaster for me....don't do it.  4.  I need to practice ending the feather at the top and reduce the size more evenly, I think.  5. Breathe and relax....this is practice.  I was going to fill in all the space around the feathers with outline echo and s-curves.  I did a little at the bottom and hate it.  I won't do that again.  So then I just did a decorative stitch to finish the edges. 
  Still so about some color with prismacolor pencils?   I just scribbled with  yellow gold, and red over the background area, and yellow over the large feathers.  Then the smaller ones got the aloe vera gel dabbed on them and a little red and blue.  Oh well, now they look like grapes.  But I was willing to experiment and try something new.  And crazy enough to post it!
  Insight:  Somethings I am just not meant to do.  Practice the feathers and leave the painting to others.   
Happy stitching,


Lynne said...

And what's wrong with grapes? You can always pretend that's what they were meant to be!

I am looking forward to finishing the blocks I am currently quilting so I can try my hand at free motion quilting! Thanks for inspiring me.

catsmum said...

I think quilting top to bottom is an instinctive thing - like starting to read at the top of the page - but what it means is that you can't actually SEE what you've just done because the foot is in the way, Took me a long long time to work that one out !!

Debbie said...

Thanks, for the tip. Makes sense, that I need to see to get my hands and brain to work together.

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