Friday, July 1, 2011

Practicing free hand feathers

  Don't we all love feather quilting?   I do.   I figured out how to create a feather with the double teardrop, but I want to do more.
  I have watched a couple dozen videos on quilting feathers.  I have tried several of the styles and methods, but --ugh--my feathers look lopsided or just plain bad.   I tried marking the feathers practice was enough to convince me I do not have the patience or inclination to mark an entire quilt top.  I tried drawing feathers on paper and one side looks good, and the other side is wonky and goes in the wrong direction.  If I can't draw it, I will never be able to quilt it.

Then I ran across this one...freehand feathers by Mary Norderg !!!  Guess what I spent time practicing?
They actually look like the feathers I want to be able to quilt.

She shows how to begin by drawing a long spine that ends with a loop.  Then you go back to the base and begin the feather.  The important thing to keep in mind, she said, was the spacing on the loops.  And yes, that was part of my problem.  The continuous pattern does require some back tracking over your stitches, and you often change direction.  Both of those things are what I was doing wrong in my earlier attempts.  So more paper and pencil practice, and then I will put the needle down and see what happens.
    I cleaned the sewing room and used a lint roller on the design wall while it is empty.  What to put up on it next?   Hmmm....think I know.  More late.
Happy Canada Day and Happy 4th of July.

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Lynne said...

I'm a newbie to FMQ - I'm still practising circles! One day ...

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