Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sewing in a few memories

A little time spent quilting yesterday.....and just the border to finish up on this scrap one.  This quilting pattern works well in vertical rows, which is what this top is---just vertical rows of scrap strips. 
  The song "Mellow Yellow" kept running through my head as I was pressing some 4 patch units for the florabunda blocks.  I favorite line--at that time-- was "quite rightly!"    My Mom got so tired of hearing me use that phrase.  Instead of just saying yes, I would answer quite rightly.   I now understand how annoying I really was!  Sew.....I stitched  more memories into a few more blocks.   I will  smile when I see this quilt, just because of the memories it will bring back.
  The pattern is starting to emerge now, and the setting appears to be on point, but it is not.  I don't like to do sashing between blocks  for some reason, so I usually do scrap patterns that don't need them.  This block creates its own sashing effect, and I like that. 
   Time got away from me today and no sewing.  I finished up the guild library database.  Yea!  And then I needed to rework one section of the label class for Learningfa group. Computer is acting "old" me, I guess.  I did a back up on everything.  It may be new computer time.  Ugh!  OH, and to all sure to have the latest version of your browser installed by August 1.  Blogger will be doing some more changes and won't be supporting older browsers.  And that means me.  Guess it is time to up-date. 
   Happy stitching,

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Eileen said...

I'm not fond of yellow, but I love this one!

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