Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feathers round 4

   The month is not over feathers are still in the works.  Feeling brave about the free motion feathers, I gave it one more round.  I tried a feather on a mug rug.  This one was drawn with pencil.  I am still not good on the outlining.....I like the swirls better.  :)   How about a plain simple feather?

   Next round, was done free hand....I only drew the spine on for shape using chalk.  No outlining here because this is on a doll quilt and I did not want the stiffness of the micro stitching.  Plain is good!

I was very pleased with myself and took way too many photos!   I know I am not approaching being really good at this---I've seen some absolutely great blogs at the challenge --- check out the Nifty Stitcher  .    But what a great feeling to finally catch on to it.  I think I had a serious break though in muscle memory and the tear drop shape.

Insight:  I can quilt feathers!  Big improvement  comes with lots of  practice.

And remember the heart shaped leaves from last month.....I combined them with a flower to quilt up this doll quilt.   Guess you can tell I am doing a happy dance with all this new "variety" in my quilting motif ability.
  I will do more practice on plain feathers....I want them fuller and more curvy.
  Happy "feather" stitching!


  1. I think you've got it. Your feathers are lovely!

  2. I love the simple feathers... you are really making some progress with your FMQ!

  3. Your freehand feathers are beautiful and flowing!

  4. Love the feathers, especially the one with the swirls. Good Job!

  5. well done ,they look great.xx

  6. I think you're doing really well.

  7. wooo hooo Debbie. congratulations !!! Your feathers are just brilliant. Doesn't it make a difference not marking the plumes - you have more freedom and don't have to worry about sticking to the lines. You've definately got it and I'm so pleased for you.

    Thank you so much for the mention.
    Happy sewing.xx

  8. I think your freehand feathers look great! You should be proud of your quilting!
    I like your little flowers and leaves, too. Wonderful job!

  9. These look wonderful! Your hard work is paying off.


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