Saturday, February 18, 2012

The second time around

Much better the second time around on this bag.....easier sewing (I had it figured out now), so it is not so thick.  First, let me remind you that this bag has no lining.  Several emails asked about that.  Each of the strips encase the batting between the layers, so it looks the same on the inside as the outside.
  I am going to assume that readers have basic construction knowledge.....but if you have questions, please ask.
  The measurements I am giving will make a small bag that is  about 10" high and 11" wide when finished.  Make it bigger, taller, wider by adjusting the lengths and number of strips.
Make the strips:
  Most of my scrap strips are 2 1/2".  I cut 12 1/2 long pieces---36 in total.
  I cut batting scraps into strips 3/4" wide.  Short pieces are fine to use, just butt the ends together.
  Turn under one long edge of the fabric strip and press down.
  Center the batting strip on top of the wrong side of the fabric.

Fold the long edge of fabric that is not turned under to the center over the batting.
Fold the turned under edge of fabric to the center over the batting also.
Press without stretching.
Straight stitch along the folded edge.  For thread I decided to use a light blue/purple on top and bottom.  It shows on some fabrics and blends on others.  Just remember that you are stitching from the wrong side, what will be on the outside is in your bobbin.

Sew the strips together:
 Let the fun begin.  I began by sewing 2 strips  together at a time with a zigzag stitch. Machine settings on my machine was for 5.0 wide and 2.5 long stitch.
  Once I had several pairs sewn, I began to sew the pairs together to create 2 different units---one front and one back piece.  I kept adding strips until each section was 14" wide.
  I pressed each section and then squared it up to
 12 inches by 14 inches.

Sew the sections  together:
  For the side seams I used a straight stitch seam....look close, it is a narrow 1/8" seam.  You can take a wider seam if you want.
  For the bottom seam,  I used a 1/4 " seam.  I joined the back and front and a strip of fabric to fold over the raw edge.  Note that I just folded the end edge in toward the center of the bag.
  The extra strip of fabric is folded once towards the seam--about 1/2".  Then it is folded over to the other side and top stitched down.  This encases the raw edge of the joined lining needed here.

I made 2 pockets by joining some shorter cuts of covered batting about 8" wide and a second one 6 inches wide.  I used extra strips folded in half to cover the raw edges of the pockets and then top stitched them into place on the sure you are stitching them in place on the inside.

Square off the bottom:
  This is a thick seam.....just sew slowly.

Turn the bag right side out.....and see if it stands by itself.  Now just the handles to make and attach and bind off the top.  Tomorrow......  I'm done for today.
Happy stitching.


Nicki said...

Another beautiful bag with BEAUTIFUL fabrics/colors. Thanks for all the lessons you've given us.

Janet O. said...

I love the bag in batiks. Very pretty!

Impera_Magna said...

So cool.... a great way to use strips and end up with something useful (or a gift)!

quilt happy said...

love it . have aready started sewiny strips

Terri said...

I love it! and no lining = bonus!!! Hugs!

HollyM said...

What a very cool method to make a bag! I love it.

Mary said...

Thanks, Debbie. This is a well written tutorial and your bag is beautiful.

Lynne said...

Thanks for the tutorial - would you recommend it for a beginner who's never made a bag?

Anonymous said...

This I really must try! I like the idea using strip-batting. There is always some leftovers when you are sewing a quilt :)
Gun, Sweden

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