Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Knockout in Round 3

You decide.  Is this a KO in round 3?
  I went with a darker fabric--very old scrap--and lighter thread to see what I was doing better.  Not perfect, but I did figure out a couple of things that work for me.  This one is only 8 inches square.
  This technique requires lots of thread and stitching to make the plumes look good.  Lots of thread and who notices the bobbles anyway?
  I got tired of outlining and reverted to a few swirls and curls to keep me interested. Outlining is like coloring within the lines and I was never good at that.
  My stitching lines are not as close as the tutorial suggested.  But this is the distance between stitching rows that I am comfortable with.  I can live with it.
  And finally, the feather police should not be allowed anywhere on the planet earth and will be "stitched"  to smithereens on sight!


Round 1 was drawing and trying to follow the drawn pattern.
Round 2 was gaining control and movement.
Round 3 was understanding what I was doing and finding my way to doing this technique.

  I had lots of comments about my tries yesterday.....and lots of encouragement.  Thank you all.  I also realize that this tutorial is scaring a few as well as frustrating many of us.  So that is why I am sharing my 3 rounds with this---the good, the bad, and the ugly--(I used to have a Clint Eastwood poster on my wall).   Remember this challenge is about improving our skills and that only comes from trying.  If I didn't quit, neither should you.   I plan on at least one more round, using better fabric, before I call this done.
Happy stitching.


Terri said...

I like it! I like how you have filled the space, and left some interesting negative spaces. Good Job!

Tammy said...

Bravo Debbie... Well done! In my opinion you won the battle of the feathers. Pesky little things aren't they? Your stitches are even and smooth. The feathers look good and you didn't quit. Congrats, the more you practice this design the easier it gets. Happy stitching!

Janet O. said...

Oh, wow, Debbie. I think you did a wonderful job! Did you draw that feather on? Was it freehand or a stencil? Yours looks so good it makes me even more nervous to try! : )

Lynne said...

Yay for your tenacity!

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Wow, you're really getting it down! It looks great! I'm actually starting to look forward to trying it...sort of. LOL Well, it's always been one of my favorite patterns--it would be great to get it figured out.

Béa said...

I think you did a wonderful job on this blue feather. Bravo.

Elizabeth said...

Your round 3 looks SO GREAT it almost makes me think I should try feathers again.

Dana Gaffney said...

Yes, that is a KO, I'd be more than happy with that result.

Maya said...

Your feathers look great!

Laura T said...

Great job on the feathers and practice does make perfect! I've printed out the directions and will practice this weekend. I know it takes lots of drawing and practice at the machine. It's good to see your practice ones and to see the improvement - that helps me and to also not be so hard on myself:)

SeeingStars said...

Great KnockOut! Your feathers are looking great. :)

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