Saturday, October 27, 2012

Quilting up a storm

'Frankenstorm': Worse than sum of its nasty parts

I'm sorry....I did not mean to cause a storm when I pinned those quilts!!!
But I have been doing some quilting.  I'm on the second one and when I showed Sir Old Man the pattern of stitches, he thought my quilting looked like the "perfect storm" that is traveling up the East Coast!    

Want to see.....   I am using the feathered swirl on this quilt.    LOL....I do think he is right!   The swirl is the eye of the storm and the feathered plumes are the storm bands.  Think I should rename this motif?
I am using a gray color of Isacord thread.   

  Not a great shot, but you can get an idea  of the size of motif I am stitching.  I did not want dense quilting on this as it is a gift.   The quilt pattern is a Turning Twenty Again done in batiks.  The blue square is 4"....I think.  The pin is a good reference too for the size.  
  If you are in the storm's path, stay safe.  Me...oh, I'll be strapped down safely at the machine.
Happy stitching.  


  1. That is a very nice quilting pattern--and it does look rather storm path-ish!
    Stay safe!

  2. I love batiks! Beautiful batiks, beautifully quilted. The gray threads look silvery. An excellent thread color for quilting batiks. Thank you for the idea :D

  3. Very pretty, & love the choice of thread! I agree--it does look like a storm. Of course, I love a good storm (we don't get hurricanes here). I've just been piecing up a storm here--3 tops and working on a 4th! Hope to join you on the quilting this coming week!

  4. That is a perfect storm quilting pattern. I like the way your DH thinks. ;) What beautiful quilting & beautiful fabrics you are putting together for this quilt. Praying for you & yours during this time...hunker down.

  5. Oh this looks great. The gray thread is a wonderful match with the Batiks, very striking.

  6. Lookin' good! Keep your feet dry.

  7. Ha! He was right, that motif does look just like Sandy! Thanks for helping out with quilt blocks to send to the victims.


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