Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Show time part 3

Part 3......again the photos are mine and the quilts are made by others.

  Wonderful scrappy star quilt.  I really like this one.

Sometimes the story behind the quilt makes it all the more special.  I think that is the case won Best of Show as well as the Senior Choice.  Suzanne is our resident historical quilter.  She inherited the seven sister blocks and pattern and extra fabric  from her  great great aunt.  She finished piecing the blocks and set them together.  Her SIL did the hand quilting on this gem of a generational quilt.  The colors are still so vibrant.  A great quilt with a lot of heart.


Pat Sloan was here in the Spring and did a couple of workshops for the guild.  I found it very interesting to compare the same pattern made by 2 different people and the different effect of the fabric choices.

Suzanne did blue and green.

   Gina chose to us orange and purple color scheme.
Same pattern, just a different effect.
 Both are beautiful, both are made by friends....and I like both quilts, so don't ask me to choose just one.

From the Wild and Free workshop with Pat Sloan.
  Same pattern by 2 different people.  Striking in the different effect of choices.


   Color choices make a big difference in the impact final discovery.....a string quilt like the one I am working on.  What's the difference?  Dee used white for the diagonal on each block.  I love it too.
   Keep this one in mind....there's a string tutorial or sew along coming up here soon.  Let me know if you are interested.

     But the show was not complete until I did a test drive.......this brought out the green envy (not $) in me.  I was filled with greed / need/ desire/ lust / selfish indulgence!!!!!  Got the idea.  What a stitching pleasure, complete with 16" of throat space and its own table.  It's the new Babylock quilting machine.  Big sigh.  Alas, I will probably only get to stitch on it when I demo or teach free motion quilting at Marietta's.   Yes, not often, but she has need of an instructor to fill in requests to learn fmq.  So that my new venture to come.
   Thanks for viewing and happy stitching.


Lynne said...

Yes, that quilt does look a lot like yours! A quiltalong would be fun, if only I had the fabric and the time!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Wonderful series of photos from part on to part three. Great show. At least you get to play with the 'baby'! I always need to tame strings.

Dana Gaffney said...

The other string quilt is beautiful too, but I like your black better, it really makes the colors pop, the white seems to calm them. The star quilt at the top is my personal favorite and that machine looks amazing, will you be teaching on it?

Janet O. said...

I do like the string quilt best with black.
That machine is what I have, but mine is Handi-quilter, which I am told by the local babylock dealer, also makes the tiara. But after comparing them at the two dealerships, I found the HandiQuilter Sweet 16 was a few hundred cheaper. Check it out.

Terri said...

Pretty quilts - thanks for sharing your pictures.
I know what you mean about the long arm, slurp slobber droooooool! I don't dare even try out one.

Sharon said...

Thanks for all the beautiful eye candy! It's so fun to see 2 people's take on the same pattern. I like your string quilt with the black better too - it looks like stained glass. I think I now need to sort my strings by color families - it's time for me to try something different. Thanks for the inspiration.

Quilting Babcia said...

Definitely interested in a string quilt tutorial/quilt-a-long. Thanks for sharing all the photos from the show, great quilts!

Nicki said...

I really like that scrappy star quilt. Some of those blues just make the star look like they are twinkling. I would like a string quilt tutorial. I probably won't make a quilt but want to learn to make the string blocks. Oh, tht machine looks terrific. I'll never advance to one like that but I can still dream. ;)

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

I'd be green too!!! I've never even taken one for a test drive! I really wish I could find one to borrow/rent, just to see how much I like it and if I'd really use it as much as I think I would! Still, I'm years away from one of those. Thanks for sharing the quilt pics!

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