Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Show time Part 2

  Part 2.......assorted entries.  Please note that the photos and comments are mine, and the quilts  are not.

  The simplicity of this small bed quilt was so lovely.   Edna's applique stitches were absolutely invisible on the snowflakes.  She also hand quilted  matching snowflakes in the border.

This is entirely embroidered by Pat's MIL, who is 87.  I thought it was amazing, and loved that she created a  family heirloom quilt from the blocks. 

  A stunning sampler and well deserved ribbon for hand quilting.  Dee did a fabulous selecting fabrics too.

A small landscape and I love the border and frame she used to give it a complete finish.  It is like peeking through a window.

Another ribbon for Suzanne for her triangle challenge entry.  Just beautiful.

 And guess what I spied?  A large wallhanging  using the one seam flying geese method.  This was large enough for holding Christmas cards.  

   The colors on this were just  beautiful.  Betty embellished the peacock feathers on her triangle challenge entry.  Outstanding.

One of my favorite quilting friends created this one.  The original 12 blocks were from 1995.  And it has been growing since then!  I talked to Jean about it and  heard how she just kept adding sections and borders trying to get it to a rectangular size.  All the vines and leaves were added late in the development to fill in all the black space.

  I must have taken a dozen photos of this one just to capture the style and details she used in the applique.  I thought it was delightful and whimsical and a real Black Beauty.  The border blocks reminded me of the French Roses technique.  And the vines and leaves were so playful and free....each leaf was different.  
    I feel an applique attack coming on.  Think this one was very inspiring for me.
I still have a couple more to show and I will save those for tomorrow.  Till then, happy stitching.


Dana Gaffney said...

They're all wonderful, keep them coming. Did you have anything in the show?

Nicki said...

What wonderful quilts those ladies made! I am always totally amazed at some of the appliqued quilts that I see. The intricate work of a needle & thread truly leaves my jaw dropping when I see them. How did your demo. go?

Janet O. said...

I am so enjoying the show. I think the snowflake quilt and Suzanne's triangle challenge quilt really grabbed me in this grouping, but they are all lovely!

Impera Magna said...

Wow..... wow..... amazing quilts!

*going back to look again*

Terri said...

Thanks for all the inspiration. Love the tree for Christmas cards. And the last one... Black Beauty. I usually don't like the sampler kind of quilt, but this one is gorgeous. I like that she color coordinated the sampler blocks, and then added the leafy vine... love the leafy vine. The embellished piano keys around tie it all together. Awesome. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Lynne said...

Some more lovely quilts - thanks for sharing.

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