Saturday, February 2, 2013

Be good to your foot controller

  So here is the saga....My machine--Janome 6600--began to act up a couple of weeks ago by doing  a "speed up and then slow down" dance.  I took it in for service, and of course, it behaved perfectly normal for them that week.  Back home again and all seemed well...for a day or two.
    Then she added some more moves to the dance by actually stopping in mid-seam and beeping at me.  The final straw was when she began to stitch by herself while I was at the ironing board.  Enough of that and I unplugged the foot controller, which meant I had to sew with the stop/start button.  I managed to get the binding on that I was doing that way, and was now convinced it was the foot controller that was my problem.  Luckily, she is still under warranty, so my dealer exchanged the pedal for me.
   A little added research explains that a foot pedal/controller can be prone to those hated lint / fuzz / fiber / fur bits that are found in our sewing areas.  Add to the fact that my pedal was on carpet, and you introduce static electricity into this mix.  And yes, sometimes those  fuzz balls can be sucked into the foot controller and lodge or take up residence there.  They are known to reduce the sensor and contact ability that govern your speed and ability to stop/start sewing.
    Note: It depends on your machine and model, but my foot controller could not be taken apart by Sir Old Man without damage.  So being the great guy he is, he is working on a prototype pedal station for me to get it off the carpet.  And as much as I would prefer to sew until the room is empty of fabric (Dana's cute comment),  I will need to clean more often, paying attention to the floor and  pedal area.

   And on a happier note......This morning I fixed the Dutch Baby recipe that  Barbara at Cat Patches shared a while back.  I used all blueberries and it turned out so good.  Perfect for a cold winter morning.  This is a keeper recipe for sure.  Thanks.

There is Show and tell of  Winter Landscape Quilts at Quilting Gallery  going on through Monday.  Be sure to check them out.

Project Quilting in review at Persimon Dreams blog  is going on.  The next challenge goes out on Sunday.  And Kim asked that we spread the word about the extra challenge-- Bonus Challenge and bundle --- that is available at the Fat Quarter Shop.  If the weekly scheduled challenge doesn't work for you, consider the Bonus Challenge, as it is on going until May.

And a little tease to remind you of the Hugs and Kisses Blog Hop  that will happen Feb. 11 -15.  It is going to be fun!

Happy stitching.   


  1. When my machines go in for their annual 'spa' day - the foot pedal is part of the cleaning. Oh, the blueberries look delish! Thanks for the heads up on the bonus challenge - ordered the bundle pronto - love me a challenge.

  2. My machine did that just the other day, I was at the ironing board and it started sewing. I just flipped the handle to raise the presser foot and it started beeping. So I turned the machine off and then on again and it hasn't done it since then.

  3. I put my foot pedals (I have more than one machine) on silicone hot pads that I picked up at the local kitchen store. It protects the carpet as well as raises the foot pedal just enough.

  4. I have the same foot pedal and looked at it this afternoon to see if I could open it, so glad Sir Old Man and I are on the same page, since I thought about prying it open. Let us know what he comes up with, meanwhile I'm putting "something" under it.

  5. Glad you got it all taken care of and I use an old serger pad on the floor for my foot pedal. Your Hugs & Kisses peek looks good!!

  6. That Dutch Baby looks delicious!

  7. My 6600 will sometimes keep on stitching after I lift my foot off the controller. It is disconcerting to say the least.

  8. We have the same brand and model! Isn't that amazing!

    I talked to WM and were going to find a piece of timber and some anti slip mats!

  9. I've not had that issue with my foot control... *knock on wood* ...but I think I'll find something to put under it just in case!

    The Dutch baby looks delish!!!!

  10. Oh, I'm so glad you liked the Dutch Baby. Seeing yours makes me want one, but I'm sticking with my diet. Maybe next week I'll break down.

  11. Thanks for passing on this recipe! Looks soo good, and will be a perfect surprise for hubs when he gets back from his next long biz trip (coming up all too soon); blueberries are his fav, and I still have some in the freezer from last summer (trying to get all the produce used up before the next season hits!). Have also seen your next post on how you handled the foot issue. Now, why didn't I think to raise mine up like that??? I'm not exactly tall myself and this would really help. Showed it to hubs--hoping he'll fix me up with one of those soon! (maybe yours should market that thing? LOL) Mine does have a tendency to slide around, occasionally getting the cord behind/in it to keep it from going down all the way (just annoying is all); plus the cord is kinda loose so occasionally it pulls out enough just to stop working (again, just a little annoyance).


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