Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Visiting Day

  Welcome to the new visitors from the Let's go Visiting tour hosted by Stitchin by the Lake   Glad to have you visit my home / blog / humble abode here.
   For a quick intro....I've been quilting off and on for about 30 years....yikes!  Let's just say long enough to have figured out what I like to do and what is not my favorite thing to do.   I began as a very traditional quilter, and experimented with crazy quilting until my fingers stiffened up.  Then I found watercolor quilting, my ultimate love in quilting.  Today, I dabble in a lot of things, especially playing with design and color.
   On my design wall right now is a guild challenge quilt.  We were given an "ugly" fabric and challenged to turn the lemon into lemonade.  Luckily mine was not too bad, merely in 1980 calico.   I have the 9 patch blocks  completed and have begun adding the vines and  stems.  My design concept is to hide the ugly among a lot of other fabrics.  And then to add enough quilting to blend it all together.

 And speaking of quilting......  I just began my NewFO for February. It's a travel duffle bag and right now I am quilting the base fabric.  The pattern is available at StudioCherie on Etsy.  Because I chose to use a very dark fabric, I quickly realized I could not see what I was doing.  But the lining is I flipped it over and I am quilting from the back!  
   I realize the stitching will not show very much, but this was too good of an opportunity to practice those endless feathers I discovered.  So good practice and no one can see all my mistakes!

    Going on right now......Voting for favorites for Project Quilting at Persimon Dreams.   Please click over and view this week's entries.  Select up to three of your favorites and vote...please.  Kim has put a lot of work into this and would like some extra imput.   And there are some really good design inspirations this week.
    The Hugs and Kisses blog hop----my day is on Friday the 15th, so please come back---is going on this week.  Our hosting cheerleader is Jane's Fabrics.   You might was to check out the cute projects being shown.  She has the full day and week schedule posted.  
  The Golden Quilter Awards are up and voting is going on at SewCalGal's blog.     You can enter for prizes when you vote.
   Lots to do and quilting to finish.....thanks for the visit.  Happy stitching.


Dolores said...

What a lovely challenge piece. What was the original fabric you had to use and how much of it did you get?

Mary said...

Your endless feather quilting is looking great. You have really gotten the hang of it and quilting on the back is a great tip.

Rosa said...

Your quilting is just wonderful!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

A lovely sneak peek of your challenge - an ecclectic array of bits of fabric hidden in a beautiful design.

Auntie Em said...

Hello, I'm a new visitor from Stitchin by the Lake. I love what you are doing with your guild challenge. I can't imagine that there's and "ugly" fabric in that at all!

Janet O. said...

Don't see any "uglies" in your challenge piece--just a lovely quilt.
Your feathers are beautiful!

Sharon Dawn said...


I have enjoyed my visit through SBL. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

Elizabeth said...

What a brilliant idea to quilt from the wrong side to practice your feathers! Beautiful job so far! Your projects are all great. I dropped by on StitchinByTheLake's visiting day and will be added myself to her next list of blogs to visit after the It's All About Me blog hop is over (I'm in that one too, reveal date Tues 2/26). This Friday is my day to reveal on the Hugs & Kisses blog hop, too! So far I've been visiting them all, so will definitely see you again Friday!
Happy stitching!
Liz in Kansas

StitchinByTheLake said...

You have so much going on I'm not sure I could keep up! I think your guild challenge is going to be beautiful! Blessings, Marlene

Lynne said...

I think your quilting looks lovely! And I don't see any ugly fabric! ;-)

Catherine said...

This has been a pleasant visit! That`s a great looking "ugly fabric" quilt. The vines are a nice touch and it`s not ugly at all. I "inherited" a bit of 1980`s calico. Yikes. Now you gave me motivation to use it!

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