Friday, February 1, 2013

Doll quilt arrivals

     Mrs. Claus strikes again!
  Two packages were in the mail today, and both were from gals at the HGTV Message Board with doll quilts for the Get Your Mrs. Claus On project.    

Malou  sent this adorable puppy quilt.  I love the decorative stitching she used for the quilting.  It gives the doll quilt a lot of personality.  Just too cute.

    Chlynn 1129  sent this cheerful little quilt.  What a delightful panel print.  So colorful, it needs no help to make a little girl happy.

 And then I turned them over to the backs.....and found the wonderful labels that these 2 Mrs. Clauses attached.   When the gals at the HGTV Message Board sign up to make a doll quilt, they select a state to represent.  Their goal is always to have every state "covered"!

  Malou chose Virginia even though she lives in another state.  And Chlynn  selected Wyoming.  I so love the little lady bug.  She used her machine to embroider the state and year.  A clever idea!

  Thank you both for your help and being Mrs. Clauses who care.  You are the best!

 The machine is heading back to the shop.....the foot controller has developed a mind of its own and goes racing away without me!   I'm trying to smile through this, but there's some fuming going on.  So I am breaking out the old reliable mechanical machine again.  Repeat after is my friend.  Happy stitching.


Terri said...

Those are cuties!

Connie said...

What precious quilts and the labels are so neat! I hope you get your machine back soon and thank goodness for your old machine!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh these are cute - need to post a reminder, people doing the Project Quilting and the Rainbow QAL could make some very cute doll quilts to send.

Janet O. said...

These are very fun little quilts to brighten someone's Christmas!

Lynne said...

Oh no! What a pain! Hope it comes back good as new!

Those little quilts are so cute. Spot was one of my nephew's favourite book characters when he was small.

Dana Gaffney said...

Play with your iphone and remember tech is your friend.

Nicki said...

Those little quilts are precious & I see lots of care went into them. I think the little quilts will be dribbling in little by little this year. I bet it's fun to get a suprise in the mail ever so often.

My Janome did the same thing shortly after I bought it. I took it to repair shop & it never did it for him....go figure. But he did do some pedal adjusting & has been good so far. Hope your machine is back soon.

Ivory Spring said...

How adorable - that Spot the Dog quilt is just too cute. My little one LOVES Spot!!!

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