Thursday, February 21, 2013

Project Quilting #4

  I really had to focus to get to this this week.  I hated to break my commitment to Project Quilting.    I  have taken on a lot of projects, so I decided to put a little practice into this one..
   Our challenge this week was to incorporate a star into our project...."Wish upon a star..."

    I created the background--night sky--- from blue strips that were sewn and cut apart and then resewn in a random fashion.  This idea is from a tutorial at Marcia's Crafty Sewing and Quilting

 The star is free hand drawn and stitched down with a trapunto effect---the easy part of this one!   I needed to practice the Sheer Ribbon Illusion for the challenge for SewCalGal, so a little thread painting followed.
   Instead of the "splat" pattern that I tried before, I went with the streamers.  I realize now that I did not put enough curve into them, just a few twists.   The curves help provide the illusion I think....and I like the "splat" effect a lot more.  


      Shine On is 15" by 25".
Now to get back on schedule.....happy stitching.


  1. Love your star, and it's quilting and background. Fun little project.

  2. Great little project, and I love the streamers!

  3. Wow - just lovely! All the techniques rolled into one project - super Project Quilting piece!

  4. I think the ribbons look great! Very pretty little quilt, Debbie!

  5. Your Wish Upon a Star & Shine On are beautiful. The streamers give it such an added touch. What a talented lady you are!

  6. That looks great! I love that you're still practicing the thread painting, don't be too critical of yourself those streamers look good and add the perfect touch.

  7. You can certainly tell a lot of work went into this and to be honest, it really draws you in the ribbon hanging down.

  8. Gorgeous quilt and I love the ribbon effect.


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