Monday, April 8, 2013

A little "string fever"

    Since Spring is taking its time in arriving, I think I have "string fever" instead.  Everywhere I look I see string blocks and quilts.  Diagonal strings done in colorways like a rainbow,  or set in a star design.  Strings done in monochromatic pattern, pastel strings, batik strings, and on and on.  Stings with applique are popping up too.  And now I am finding coin stacked strings and strips..... and that's my cue.
     I took the stack of coin floral blocks and played with them on the design wall.  This setting includes some of the vertical strips blocks.  Some parts of the layout I like and other parts just are a little rigid and linear, I think.   I am not sure I like the vertical blocks in the mix, so the next layout I eliminated them.

  I  like this one much better....the columns are blended  and have that  woven effect.  I'll let this one rest on the design wall for a while and see how it grows.  At least I have a "string type" project to break this string fever.  And wouldn't you know it....the weather is warming up a lot this week for us!

  For all the mug rug lovers.....the April Showers Blog hop has lots of inspiration going on.
Happy stitching.


  1. That second one has a beautiful "fade in/fade out" effect. I can see the woven-ness of it. : )

  2. Enjoy your Spring has sprung with Strings :o)
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. I don't know... I kind of like the other blocks... kind of a visual joke... the strip slid on a banana peel sort of look. (Actually, I love all your makings... especially the watercolor looks. Yummy.)

  4. I actually like the first, but I tend to stand in another box sometimes. Good to see you playing with your pretty florals.

  5. I love how you are making this with the floral prints!

  6. Those are both pretty. First, when I saw the first one I thought "Wow, that's so pretty & different" & then I scrolled down & saw the 2nd one & thought "Wow, that's beautiful too". So now if I had to pick only one I guess I would pick the 2nd one. Thanks for the link to the mug rugs.

  7. Sooo pretty, the second one cleans up any muddiness, that's going to be one gorgeous string quilt.

  8. Thank you for showing both views... it look me a bit to see it. All of this waiting for Spring really has me reaching for floral projects!


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