Friday, April 12, 2013

Question and doll quilts

  I've been marking squares and sorting strips with little to show at this stage on the Buzzsaw.   A question was asked about why I chose the 10" size for the squares for the block.  It was dictated by the size of some batiks in my stash that I wanted to use.  I could just squeeze a 10" cut out of them and nothing larger.
     Here's the math I used for this block.  From the 10" squares--one background and one batik--- make 2  HST blocks.  These should be 9 1/2" blocks.  
You need to make 4 subcuts.   9 1/2" divided by 4 equals 2 3/8".   I could live with that measurement.
That also means that the extra full strip needs to be trimmed  to 2 3/8" by 9 1/2" long.
Note:   When you do the subcuts, be sure to keep the fabric lay out exactly the same---dark on the bottom right for me.  If it was changed to the top, I would be creating mirror image blocks.....that does not work for the buzzsaw.

 A better and more ideal size would be 10 1/2" for the squares that you turn into  10" HSTs.   And your subcuts would be 2 1/2" wide.   Any measurement that is easily divided by 4 is the trick  for this block.

And in the mail.......2 doll quilts from Mrs. Claus in Montana!

 These two cuties came from StinMT, who is a member of the HGTV Message Board.  She used the cutest fabrics.....almost like an I Spy quilt in miniature size.   And she embroidered the label directly to the back fabric.   I really appreciate these gals and all they do to help.  And I really admired their great, great stitching, fabrics and exact matching!   Thank you, Shirley, for these.

I am baking some Amish Cinnamon Bread today for a family breakfast brother is bringing Remy up for the weekend.  Remy has the weekend all Uncle Russ cut grass, and pull weeds in the garden for Aunt Deb, and wash big brother Justin's truck.   He also wants to go to Clemson for the game, go downtown for the rides, and so on!  I'm tired just thinking about it, but at 4 he has energy enough for all of us.
Enjoy the weekend and happy stitching.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I have done the buzz saw block, so understood your method - not to be confused with the Mt. block. Great new little doll quilts - I have 3 ready for quilting up this weeked so I can get them to you this month.

Janet O. said...

I've never done this block before. I can see how those measurements would keep you on your toes. You really have to pay attention when you are trimming things to an eighth!
Lovely little doll quilts. I need to get thinking about making you some.

Angie said...

You are the best, Debbie! :) I plan to make this block in the not TOO distant future. :) Love those little doll quilts.

Dana Gaffney said...

Wow, what? measurements make my head hurt. I just spent some time with a scratch pad, calculator and trimming to an eighth, how long did it take you to figure all of that out? You are once again my idol.

Nicki said...

Too much math! Too much math!!! Right now I'm having a really hard time gettin a 9 1/2" unfinished block to come out to 9 1/2". YIKES! I've tried 3 times & each block is different. The doll quilts are precious. Ya gotta love those HGTV Quilting Board gals. They really know how & when to help. I've been so impressed with them & their giving hearts.

Don't let Remy wear you to a frazzle but remember....after all the fun & games this week-end, he gets to go home to mommy & daddy & you get to rest again...hehehehehe.

Lynne said...

Beautiful doll quilts. Have fun with Remy and family.

Connie said...

I love that block out of batiks! I have been known to change the size of a block for the same reason as you Debbie.....I want to get as much use out of my fabric! Cute little doll quilts!

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