Monday, April 29, 2013

Another batch arrived

Can you stand more doll quilts?  I promised to post about these over the weekend, and I apologize for being late with the post.  We had massive downpours and rain all weekend.....I needed a little sun for photos!  But I won't complain about the rains as we all need them and everything is green today....especially the weeds!

   Amiko claims the title of Mrs. Claus from Pennsylvania.  She is a member of the HGTV Message Board.
   I love the color combo and the rick rack accent she used on this darling little quilt.


  She also sent a second one of 30's prints.  And then she did an edge treatment with lace.  What a neat idea to make this so original.
  Thank you so much for helping.

   Nicki, the extraordinary organizer and motivator for the Mrs. Claus doll quilt project at the HGTV Message Board, sent these 4 doll quilts.  She referred to them as simple, but I see smiles!  The 3 at the bottom are simply cut to size and quilted from donated fabric.....and then bound differently.  She represents 4 states.....Texas, Louisiana, Nebraska, and the District of Columbia.

   Not to be missed is the one created from a panel print.   She knows my heart....see the red cardinal and the kitty in the window.   Thanks so much, Nicki, for all your help and friendship.
   I thought this was so great to use this type of panel print trimmed with coordinating fabric.  I need to check my stash....I may have some older panels stuck in there somewhere.  
  And these bring the total to date to 50!  So the need for 100 doll quilts will be met I am sure this year.   I need to venture over to the woodworker's guild shop and see exactly what those elves are up to, I think.  I will put that on the agenda for May.  

  Did I really say May?  This month zipped by so fast I almost missed it.  I need to get  my monthly wind up done and makes some plans for next month.    There's a new button on the side bar for Quilter's Favorites  beginning May 10.  Geta is hosting this linking party as a time for sharing and learning.   She does amazing work....check it out.  Happy stitching.


Mary said...

More beauties!

Janet O. said...

More little cuties, Debbie! : )

Nicki said...

Oh, I love hearing the number 50 on the doll quilts. It's so good that so many have come in so soon. I bet the elves in the woodwork shop are working hard to meet the 100 count deadline. I love seeing the uniqueness of all these little quilts & love being a part of the project.

I will check out Geta's blog starting on May 10. It looks like there will be lots of good information coming our way to help us along our quilting journey. Thanks for the heads up on this.

Lynne said...

Oh wow! They are all fabulous but I love that little bird panel!

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