Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New FO for April

2013NewFO   Not bad this month.  I stuck to my plans and had a finish, a new start, and 2  in progress.    I think this planning stuff really does work!    OK, I do the work, and the planning keeps me focused.  I am not sure where the days went this month, so I am glad I planned a lighter load. Now about that NewFO........

 The NewFO took  up a lot of time because of all the prepping and cutting.   But the first full block---18" buzzsaw  block-- is done.
   I expect  this will be in progress for a while, as I have about 40 of these to put together!

The rest of the fabric is stacked in strips and ready to turn into blocks, which will really go fast this month.  I just need to sort them a bit and make sure I get a good mix and variety in each large block.
Note:  This block uses the technique for Delectable Mountains from large HSTs plus and an extra strip.  I explained my measurements in this post.

   This was some  free motion quilting practice time, not really a project.  I wanted to see if  I could do a feather with a center stem--yes!--and individual plumes--yes!---with a branch--yes!  The outlining and meandering are rather boring to me...........so when I ran out of bobbin I stopped  :(

   This was a lot more fun, just feathers and curls.  On the far right I was playing around with another version  of a feather that Patsy Thompson uses.
Can you believe I was battling feathers 15 months ago?  I am here to say practice times 3 and anyone can do this.  

  More progress on the watercolor strip quilt, which was a NewFO a couple of months ago.   It is probably long enough and needs maybe one more row before I call this one done.  I used a lot of strips but once again they seem to continue to multiply on me.

  The NewFO from January is a top.  The borders were added to this challenge quilt--that was my goal for this month.  Now it is ready to pin for quilting.

  EQ7 is starting up some summer drawing lessons....see the button in the side bar.  I hope to participate and learn a lot more about it.  There was a major upgrade that came across last week for EQ7.  I haven't had enough time to discover what was added.

May's NewFO?   Do I need another project?   Not really, but there are all those strips and strings.....so May will be an easy NewFO.  It will be a short sewing time month for me as I have a classes  to teach and  we are planning to venture north to see the furkins .....and daughter and son-in-law.   So if anyone wants to string along----oops, I mean sew along---with me, then get those strings sorted into color families and make some plans accordingly.

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Happy stitching.


  1. I love the fabrics you're using in this. Very pretty.

  2. Lots of fun and color in your projects.

  3. Great projects! The colors/fabrics in your buzzsaw block are gorgeous! And I love the NewFO January top - so pretty! ~Jeanne

  4. Love that buzzsaw block. Very pretty.

  5. That buzzsaw block is absolutely beautiful! Quick...put the other 40 together so I can see the finished project. I can't wait. Your FM quilting is amazing. Yours was perfect in my eyes 15 months ago & now I can't even believe what I am seeing today. Your watercolor quilt reminds me of a flowing brook with leaves & flower petals streaming down the water. And the NewFO from January turned out exquisite. I can't wait to see what quilting you use for it. Thanks for sharing all your beauties with us.

  6. Fun projects. Love your Buzzsaw block!

  7. Ooo, so much pretty goodness at your place!

  8. The buzzsaw is beautiful, I can't wait to see it all together. You keep giving me hope about my feathers now I just need to find the time and patience. Have a great trip, are you driving?

  9. Debbie, these are all so pretty! LOVE the Gorgeous buzzsaw block. Just beautiful. And YES I can completely relate to the feather odyssey - going through the same thing here. :D What a nice watercolor effect on the strip quilt, and the January top is absolutely beautiful. Good work, lady!!

  10. I was very intrigued by your buzzsaw block. I really like it. I just love your beautiful FM quilting. That's a gorgeous feather! Your watercolor is looking good! Everything is so pretty!

  11. Your Buzzsaw quilt is going to be gorgeous! And your quilting looks great!


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