Monday, May 5, 2014

Good things

 It's May already?  I think my "mojo" has been on vacation without me, as I have been very un-productive recently.  I seem to get this way seasonally or after a huge push to finish things it may be both reasons this time.  Plus a little technical difficulties with this aging computer over the weekend  just did not help improve my short attention span.

  The Charming Bricks is finally up on the wall.  It is now hanging over the Tiara.   I added a mixed fabric binding in darker florals to finish it off.
    I know it is not my typical style, but it just makes me smile.  I love having a floral brick wall to view.   Stepping out of my comfort zone proved to be good this time.  And finished is a good thing.

Insight:  Reminder....Do what you love.  Throw away the rest.  Listen to that voice in your head.

 So I needed to fill my time in the sewing room doing something.......I cut strips.  I cut lots of strips.  I need to de-stash and so I cut strips.  Now  I have two shoe box bins full of floral strips.  I have one more shelf to cut my way through and I should have enough strips for a year of floral quilts.  I have a couple patterns that I am working on  /planning / adapting.  De-stashing is a good thing.


   And there is nothing like a little free motion practice to lift my spirits.  I put on some music and just go for it.  I let everything else fall away.  I find that zone in my head where thread and fabric blend and these wonderful feathers emerge.  Finding that "zone" is a good thing.  So are feathers!

Spring '14 Blogger's Quilt Festival -
 The Blogger's Quilt Festival is almost here.  I just ran across this on Amy's Creative Side.  Get a post ready for your entry as this goes live on May 16.  Viewing so many quilts in one place is always good for inspiration.    Ah, maybe I will enter The Whopper.....guess I need permission from Sir Old Man on that!

I am off to do more de-stashing....Happy stitching.


  1. Love your floral brick! Thank you for posting about the blogger's festival - knew it was in May.

  2. What a great finish!
    Beautiful feathers!!

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the Blogger's Quilt Festival. I've wanted to be in on it for the past 3 years, but just haven't figured out how... Hope I make it this time. I think I'll enter my banner - the I Spy I made for my newest grandson. - I don't remember the Whopper, but good luck with it in the Festival.

  4. Beautiful quilt! Makes me smile, too. I think most all of us are in a de-stashing mode. I know I'm working through my UFOs, WIPs, and stash : )

  5. I love that quilt and it does look like you, the florals give you away. Oh, definitely the Whopper, it's so impressive and gorgeous.

  6. Your feather quilting is gorgeous as always and I love Charming Bricks.

  7. Love what you say about doing what you love, and throw the rest away! My life of keeping so many things, "just in case" just keeps harping at me. I met a quilter who would keep nothing under 5" as she had gotten so prolific that if she kept everything, that's all she'd be doing and I'm about to that stage now. She donated the 5" squares to the guild and we made some fun donation quilts from her throw aways! I'm sure she donated the smaller usable parts too, I'm just not there all the time. I want to just make a quilt this month from start to finish as a new project from stash, but not from smaller leftover pieces!

  8. I love the fabric you did your FMQ practice on!


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