Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Colorful doll quilts

   These doll quilts are all about the color.  Simple pattern of 4 patches and checkerboards are perfect for displaying colorful fabrics. And that is what this Mrs. Claus is all about, I think.
   Kari, who is known as Karibbean Quilter on the HGTV Message board included a note about her little quilts.     The quilt on the left is for
"Nevada's colorful (see!) Red Rock Canyon, bright sunshine and backyard pools".  And the one on the right she made to represent the Virgin Islands...."vibrant hibiscus, beautiful seas and crisp white sails."  She used the Michael Miller line of dots.  And captured her island view perfectly!

And she knows how to finish off each one by using her custom labels.  Just so cute that I wanted to be sure to share this detail.

  Thank you, Mrs. Claus, for helping and sharing your colorful world with us all.


Dana Gaffney said...

They're wonderful, proof that it's about color and fabric. I do love her label.

Janet O. said...

Perfect little label idea. : )

KatieQ said...

The colors are wonderful. I was delighted to see your watercolor tutorials featured on Fave Quilts today.

Nicki said...

Such cute quilts & oh so colorful. Karribbean Quilter did a fantastic job on those quilts. Thanks for sharing with us.

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