Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mail delivery

It has been another one of those weeks where time has slipped away and I am behind again.  I wanted to share  the doll quilts that came in just this week before I get lost in the sewing room.

 A new Mrs. Claus sent this little pink beauty to me.  Karen is a Mrs. Claus from Ohio.
Thank you for joining this project.  I love meeting new quilters and Mrs. Claus too.

 Mrs. Claus used an adorable balloon flannel on the back.   So soft.
  You might like to drop in and visit  her at ksquiltingkorner.

   From Mrs. Claus in New York came these little cuties!  I always love to open her packages.....they are full of bright and cheerful doll quilts.  Of course, you know who I mean.....Sharon of Vroomans Quilts.
  She has been a solid supporter of this project and continues to spread the word around blogland.  Thank you....hugs!

  I recovered from Remy's visit.....chasing him with that dart gun is tiring!  He prefers to be the bad guy and get chased, so he can say "You can't catch me!".   My knees can't take much of that, but the hugs were worth it.  And Dinks, the Elf on the shelf, dropped in to visit Remy.  Only in the eyes of a child do we find such wonder and amazement over a handful of mints and a note.

   The Tiara demo/class went well, I think.  The biggest thing I learned.....most new users are scared of it!  Don't be.  Get on it and practice, practice, practice.....then have a glass of wine  and repeat!   No matter how many tips I share, nothing improves your confidence like practice.
  You will notice a new button/link on the side bar.  I was contacted by Fave Quilts to be featured  on their website.   First up is the strip pieced watercolor tutorial.  If you are looking for info on tutorials or techniques or patterns, this is a great place to begin your search.  There are plenty of links to good things there.
  Time to get busy.....happy stitching.  


Mary said...

It is so neat to see all these doll quilts coming in this early in the year. Congrats on having your work spotlighted.

Impera Magna said...

What darling doll quilts... your Mrs Clauses are very industrious!

I know what you mean about chasing grandchildren... *pant pant* ...but the giggles and squeals are wonderful!

Janet O. said...

Boy, some Mrs. Claus' really have their act together. I actually have one doll quilt laid out on a design board, but who knows when I will get it stitched!! : )

Dana Gaffney said...

Those quilts are so cute and I agree, Sharon is awesome! I'm glad you had a good visit but it sounds like it's time to relax or are you chasing Sir Old Man around with the dart gun? Congrats on being featured and thanks for the link, it looks like a good time eater over there.

Nicki said...

Such cute doll quilts. I have some that I need to get mailed to you. Congrats on your being featured on Fave Quilts. That's a nice site.

Sheila said...

What sweet little doll quilts! They are going to make some little girls so happy.

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