Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ignoring all distractions

    Spring brings distractions.  This morning I watch two cardinals battle it out over the territory just off the front porch.  Cheeping and fluttering around, each  was trying to stand his ground on either side of the sidewalk.  They made quite a display of themselves, and I hope the Mrs. was watching.  I sure enjoyed their antics.
   And emails, and new followers.....I have been trying to answer all questions if possible.  Answering does take time and provides another pleasant distraction.   So welcome new readers, let me know where you blog so I can visit.

   Fabric sales.....another wonderful distraction.  I am blaming my purchases on Sir Old Man this time.  He just had to visit Woodcraft for a new "whats-it" thing for the shop. Actually, he came home with several new items, and I felt the need for new fabric.  I have been very good about not buying or enhancing my stash for 6 months or so.  My fabric diet was causing me to just waste away!  So new floral fabrics are on their way as I have several ideas in my head that are keeping me awake at night.
   To justify---at least to myself---I spent the day playing at the design wall.  It is so hard to take good photos of a watercolor project.  You will have to take my word for it the trail of dark works.  By putting the photo on the computer, I can see a couple of spots that need tweaking, and the light on the bottom right is a bit too muddy.
   I have two sizes of squares  in this one.....just to see what happens.  I had a handful of 4 inch squares that I trimmed to 3 1/2" and the rest are from my supply of 2" squares.  That means I will be sewing little 4 patches of 2 inch squares to match the larger square, as I won't be using the gridded interfacing.

   I finished up my Let's Book It turned out so cute for a small table top quilt.  But I will wait to share it at the end of the month.  Instead, I want to share a photo sent to me by Kathryn at Needles and Pins.
   When I shared a sneak peek at my project for the month, she responded with this photo and story....a quilt tale!  
  She found the article in an older magazine, which was missing the pull out pattern section for the applique.  Kathryn contacted the magazine and was told they no longer had the requested information.   Then a while later, her husband bought her a new magazine, and guess what she found?  Inside the magazine in the "share your quilt section"  was a photo of a lady who had made two of these for her son and grandson.  Ever resourceful, Kathryn contacted the lady who gladly shared the pattern with her.  Quite a story for this little charmer quilt that she proudly displays on her sewing room door.  Thank, Kathryn, for letting me share your quilt tale.
  Moral of the quilt tale:   Be resourceful!  Or be sure to hang onto those older magazines and pattern sections.  I can assure you, one day you will need them.

   So if I seem quiet, it is because I am distracted. Or stitching on this small banner, or planning the next one, or cutting new fabric.....enjoy Spring!
Happy stitching.    


Janet O. said...

It is only fair that if DH gets new "whats-it"s for the workshop, you can go off your fabric diet. Makes perfect sense to me! : )

Dana Gaffney said...

Beautiful new watercolor, I'm happy to see you found time to sew. I seem to be distracted all over the place and trying to grab little bits of time to sew. More florals on the way? That means more beautiful quilts.

Impera Magna said...

Your winding trail water color is going to be cool... it's amazing how... just by posting a photo online... you suddenly "see" those spots that should be tweaked.

Loved Kathryn's quilt tale... thanks for sharing! Quilters are such lovely and generous people...

Pattilou said...

You are right, there are lots of distraction in spring. I'm just glad hubby gets more distracted with outside chores so that I can sew!

Mary said...

Like you, I've been pretty distracted of late too. I love your latest watercolor quilt and look forward to seeing it evolve.

Pattilou said...

Thank Pine Needles quilt is stunning. Trying this from my new computer.

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