Thursday, January 1, 2015

Review and I resolve....

A few resolutions for the new year....maybe I can keep a few of these.  And maybe you can find one that fits you.
I resolve.....

  • To look forward, and watch where I step.
  • To love others.
  • To buy fabric that I don't really need.
  • To appreciate others and say Thank You more often.
  • To start projects that I really want to make.
  • To sew as much as I have time, make that to sew a lot!
  • To eat chocolate in any form, at any time, to heck with the calories.
  • To admit my mistakes.
  • To make others I laugh at myself.
  • To be a goofball or a slug, depending on my mood.
  • To keep my promises.
  • To just say "No" when I don't want to do something...I am old enough to not need an excuse.
  • To enjoy the good moments and cry through the bad ones.
  • To read a few good books, bake bread, and buy more fabric and thread.
  • To change the batteries in my computer mouse before it dies.
  • To believe I can make a difference.
  • To know when to keep my mouth shut.  Okay, maybe this one is already broken.
  • To make quilts!
    I will call 2014 the Year of the Feather....I improved so much.  I put feathers in almost everything.  Here are a few high points.  
   The border of the Whopper quilt, aka The Buzz Saw, was filled with endless feathers.  Frosty Morn has feathers in the diagonal bands. And Mid-Winter Dreams got feathers in the border.  

   When Evening Comes is a repeat of the pattern used in Frosty Morn.  No feathers but a stylized vine of leaves was used in the light diagonal area.  
I absolutely love this pattern, and will make another one I am sure.

    A Nickle Saved was a Let's Book It project.  Charms squares...5" size equals a nickle to me....and lots of 1" strips make a quick quilt to share as a donation quilt.

My favorite small project was Charming Bricks.   It was another Let's Book It project, inspired by the smaller version done as a table topper.  And I seem to have lost the photo of the small one.  
   A lot of photos were "misplaced" on the computer this spring when Wonder Geek and Sir Old Man rebuilt my computer.  I know the photos are there somewhere....I just can't seem to find them.  A small price to pay for a better working computer.  

   The two cascade of light and one of dark blooms....come in second favorite.  I enjoyed playing around with the design on these.  Creating the wavy design was not as easy as I expected.  

   How do I pick a favorite?  At least I can say this one ranks up there high on the list.  Tripping Through the Flowers is my banner header now.   Small Trip Around the World blocks were done in floral fabrics.  This one is really me.  

  Next, this year will have more floral quilts and projects.  And scraps.....where do they come from?  Ah, yes, from those quilts I make!  You can't have one without the other, it seems.  So I plan on making a ton of slabs to get the strips and strings under control.  Then I will set them aside for a while.  A couple of things need to be quilted and then on to new projects......  
a log cabin, and  an Irish Chain are planned.  There is also  the new Free Motion Challenge to participate in at Quiltshopgal----formerly  SewCalGal.  Monthly Linky parties, and all kinds of prizes too.  I plan on following and prize needed for me.  Inspiration is always a plus in my book.
   So it is did that happen?    I put up the new calendar and that always amazes me.  Seeing that new number is mind numbing sometimes.  So I leave you with this thought.....
   Time should not be measured in years, but by the footprints (and quilts) we leave behind.  As long as I am walking, time is mine!  Happy stitching.


KMSC said...

I love your floral trip around the world quilt. Years ago I started a similar quilt in a class (note I said started). You have inspired me to get it out of my UFO bin and finish it! Happy New Year!

LynCC said...

Tripping Through the Flowers is so stunning! Makes a beautiful banner shot. You had a very good year. I love watching your projects.

Vivian said...

O.k., that has got to be the best resolution list I've ever read --- it's totally doable!! And your closing remark sums it up nicely because all the roads on your resolution list lead to it. If that's your map, it's going to be a very good year!!

Lynne said...

Wow! What a fabulous, thoughtful post and a comprehensive list of goals. I must be the only one not making any -- well, not any I'm prepared to put in print! LOL

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love your list - some gave me a chuckle. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your lovely florals.

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

what a great list! I can buy into most of those LOL
Happy New Year, and it looks like it will be a busy one!

Mary said...

I love your resolutions and share many of them with you!

Siver_Angela said...

Очень красиво, но акварели ваши просто невозможно хороши! Здорово.

Terri said...

Love your resolutions... especially the third one... to buy fabric you don't need. I did that today! Lots of sales out there.

Janet O. said...

A fun list of resolutions. I think I'm already doing the ones about buying fabric and eating chocolate!
You've made some beautiful projects through 2014, and your feathers have enhanced them nicely!

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Beautiful post... I'm ready for The Year of Florals! After I recover from travel fatigue next week I'll be looking through my floral quilt wish list. A scrappy Trip Around the World is happening for sure in 2015 for me.

Karen said...

The brick quilt is very interesting. A good design to use many different fabrics.

Sylvia Anderson said...

Debbie, I think the Charming Bricks is beautiful and will definitely be included in my to do list for this New Year. I also think your resolution list applies to most of us out here who are quilters and those who are not. Are you still sending out the quilt pattern from a couple of days ago? If so, I would appreciate receiving one. Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations with favorites are the colorwash quilts. You and Wanda do such a fantastic job on them. I love to enlarge them and periodically just look at them and drink in their beauty.

Nicki said...

Happy New Year & thank you for all your inspiration & encouragement throughout 2014. This year I am going to try to make better use of my time & to slow down when I am quilting. I have a tendancy to try to get through a project too fast & therefore, make mistakes that I have to rip out. UGH! You had a beautiful year of quilts in 2014 & I enjoy seeing them again today.

Dana Gaffney said...

What a great post! Good luck with the computer mouse and mouth shut thing, LOL. My favorite, if you want to know, is the trip around the world, it's gorgeous and to actually be able to pick a favorite makes that one stand out, they're all beautiful.

Barbara said...

Those are good resolutions and goals. Just remember: "No." is a complete sentence.

KatieQ said...

I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite out of the quilts you worked on this year. Whenever I visit your blog, Tripping Through the Flowers makes me smile, so that's probably the one.
When I read your list, the one item that stands out to me is knowing when to keep your mouth shut. I have been working on that for years without much success. Hopefully, this year I can learn to keep my thoughts to myself when they are not solicited and maybe even when they are.

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