Thursday, January 29, 2015

Working on the blended border

 It's Let's Book It time..... you can find the linky party and info at Vrooman's Quilts.   This is the only sew along I have committed to this year because there is no pressure, only encouragement to create from one of those bookmarked or saved patterns that fill my shelf.  Last year, this kept me motivated and this year I am sticking with it.  I hope you will consider joining in!

   My Let's Book It project began with this here. 

And I continued with details on my this post.  

And now, I am onto the border for the English Garden quilt.

Please ignore my mess!   I am finding this very relaxing and enjoyable........

    I set up a work space to work on small sections for the border of the English Garden quilt.  Rather than do all the reaching and stretching and then having to shift it all to the ironing board, I did this!   I have a small design board that is felt covered and only about 2' by 3', which is a perfect size  for my small worktable.
   I cut the fusible interfacing into 6" strips that are 20" long.  I can easily move the whole set up to the ironing board.....slip the pieces and interfacing off and press.  I am trying to use up a lot of my "stash" of extra 2" squares that have been hanging around for a while......and I have spread them out around me as I work.
I can arrange a few pieces between regular chores and then return and continue.  For this project, it is working well.

And how does it look on the wall?  First section up.......

  Another  section added and I can begin to see the shadows and sunlight play around the edges.

   I have 3 sections up now.  Remember that this will shrink quite a bit as the seams are sewn.  That's what I will do next so I can determine exactly how much I need for this side, which is really the bottom.  Nothing like starting at the bottom and working your way around and up!
Linking to Let's Book It........  
Happy stitching.


  1. I love this quilt!! And thank you for sharing the process - awesome border.

  2. This will be a beautiful finish to your quilt.
    I'm still trying to find the mess you apologized for. : )

  3. It's going to beautiful. How do you figure what size you need when working with those blocks, sew some together and measure them or do you have some formula that take into account the quarter inch? I can never get it right and even when I'm sure I've got it, it's wrong. I've pretty much given up and just hack off the offending bit of block, LOL.

  4. I see lots of space on this quilt for your pretty feathers, if that's what you decide to do. The border is going to be stellar.

  5. Love the way you are doing the border. The play of color is just perfect.

  6. So gorgeous and thanks for sharing your method too. I remember a mishap between the table and my ironing board on a watercolor table topper I made for my MIL years ago. Not good!


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