Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New forecast

     I got a text message at 7:30 am from my brother....."Got snow?"  I had to laugh....yep, we got enough to close schools.  Translated to the folks who really have snow--big, deep snow---that is about 1-2 inches here.  For my sun-drenched, snow starved brother that was enough to wish he could fly up for the day.   I told him to wait until Thursday, the real snow arrives then....or so the "forecasters" (and I use that term very loosely in this area) have predicted.  The photo shows all that is left after  our "minor event".
    Still, I elected not to venture out.....I sent Sir Old Man to the Fresh Market  for the Tuesday specials.....with a list!  I have learned not to trust him in the market without one.  Instead of getting all bundled up, I turned on Hot Legs and got to work.  

   I finished up the quilting on the baby quilt of butterfly wings. I used a basic stipple, a few hearts, added antennas to the butterflies, and threw in a few feathers.  I know I overdid it....but I was on a roll.   I need to square it all up and add the binding.  Then make a label.....got a name to suggest?  I am blank right now for one.

    While I was zooming right along, I started quilting on the English Garden quilt.   This one is going to take several sittings to get the feathery things done.  One pass done, and about 7 more to do......

    Forecast for the end of the month.....2 done, 1 in the works, new project cut and waiting, and another planned.   Personally, I like my forecast better than the one on the radio!  Happy stitching.


  1. Where are you? We are about to have a massive snow storm (translate: mostly 1-2" with potential for 4" in isolated areas) and the governor just declared a state of emergency!! (central Alabama)

  2. I love both these quilts. Stay warm and keep stitching!

  3. I laugh at the 1-'2" shutting things down - 1-2 feet is a norm for us here and we take it in stride. But is all makes for good sewing weather.

  4. I always love to see your gorgeous feathers!
    Boy, I am drawing a blank on name ideas.

  5. Wow, beautiful quilting as usual. I'll take some of your snow, it would be so much fun. We have fog which I consider magical.

  6. Good morning Debbie...I love butterflies, not only because they provide us with such visual beauty in the gardens, but, also for the part they play in the environment. If you wanted to keep the garden theme going, you could name the quilt, 'Garden Wings', or maybe, 'Wings of Love'. I'm sure you'll come up with a name suitable for this lovely quilt. Have a great day. lv2bquilting2@comcast.net

  7. I'll second Sylvia's name choice of "Garden Wings." And add "Summer Wings" as another option. Spring Wings sounds a bit off - to me. Butterflies are a spring attraction around here. Beautiful quilting!!! Not at all over the top!


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