Friday, May 29, 2015

Let's book It --May

    Hello, from Morph!  My maker is a bit busy this morning,  baking bread it seems.  I figured I could fill in just as well since I am the Let's Book It project.
  A couple of months ago, I was being assembled as a lot of string blocks.   And somewhere along the way, she got bored with my layout.  She put me aside to finish up other things.....I mean really ignored.  What was wrong with me?   My blocks were fabrics she loved, a nice size, different values to play with.....all good things.  I was so dejected.

    Then about a month ago, she got make a change.   A new arrangement, some  sashing strips, and I was given a new chance to become a real quilt!

   This week I got quilted.....and stuck with way too many pins, but it was worth the pain to become a finished Let's Book It project.  She says she just did meandering stitching and a few loops in the border, but I think I turned out to be quite handsome.

   She named me Metamorphosis----now really who can get their tongues around that?  So just call me Morph, I will come winging my way to cover you up.

   These are my official ID photos..... hanging on the railing.  You can see my concentration of light values give the appearance of light streaming through a window with a garden view....or so she says.

    And resting on the new walk.   Did you happen to spot  the trick I played on her?  Believe me she was hotter than a hornet when she caught on----after the quilting was done!

   OK....if you need a hint.  Check out the middle group of three blocks of the window panes.  I managed to flip them around so that the strings fall in a different direction.   After spitting a few needles, she calmed down and laughed about it.  She said those were the broken panes that got replaced  after she had to break into the house.  And I believe that is a long lost story for another time.

   I am  ready for a nap.....and I smell fresh bread.  Bet she is just about done.
Thanks for letting me share my history story today.

  LOL.....I see you met the quilt that almost did me in.   Hiding in plain sight, those three blocks almost made me quit.  Yet in the end, a design mistake doesn't really destroy anything.....except maybe my self-esteem and pride.  Putting it out there for all to see.....we can chose to laugh or cry about it.  I did both.
    This will end out my month as I have family in town for a few days.  One quilt finished for May along with a few small projects recently posted.  I see I am slowing down, and that is okay.  I have one ready to quilt for next month, and that's a good thing.

    Info for Let's Book It can be found here at Vrooman's Quilts.    Now I just need a new Let's Book It project.  Something small for a change.   Happy stitching.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh, I think it adds interest. Light refracts thru glass differently as well thru what ever object. And flowers and shrubs never grow perfectly in rows - there are those rogues out there.

Mary said...

I think it's perfect!

Janet O. said...

I enjoyed meeting Morph. Very fun post. I'm glad you only spit needles, instead of nails--I guess that is Sir Old Man's job. : )
It is beautiful, Debbie, and the little angle change does not destroy the lovely, overall effect of the quilt.

Terri said...

Well, Morph, you turned out great. You do have some idiosyncrasies, but that shows what a character you are.
Love the colors and the block construction.... all amazing. You are a real quilt, no matter what she thinks.
Now, about that bread...

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