Friday, July 3, 2015

Comparing Carolina Chain quilts

Carolina Chain of 2"  strips begun in May
  For my Year of Floral quilts, I am really exploring some of my favorite patterns focusing on how they look done in floral fabrics.  There is always the blending effect using florals, and attention to the light and dark contrast of values.  Sometimes the busy print of the florals obscure and disguise the pattern, and sometimes the floral fabrics simmer in radiance due to the contrasts.

   I began the Carolina Chain blocks in May using 2" strips and batiks for the dark and light accent squares through the center.  The block is from Bonnie Hunter column, Addicted to Scraps, from 2010.   It's a simple block....easy to figure out.

   On the design wall, it looked like this.  Interesting chain design develops as it grows.

What I was not prepared for was the radiance that happened by adding the borders.  Leftover pieces were joined into long strips for the border, which were banded with the dark batik.  The photo does not capture the glow from the contrast.  

  I knew the quilting would not show well because of the busy prints.....but crazy for feathers I am.  I stitched bands of feather sprays across on the diagonal....not dense, but enough to satisfy me.  

 Field of Blooms
36" by 45"

  For comparison:  
  The larger version done earlier this year in the same pattern was made using 2 1/2" strips of scraps/leftovers.   Same pattern, two sizes, two different fabric palettes gives you 2 distinct quilt personalities.   I love seeing this happen.

Now I think I have gotten this pattern out of my system and I'm ready to move on.  We are looking at a lot of liquid stuff--rain--instead of sunshine this weekend.  Cookout will be indoors.....enjoy your weekend.
Happy stitching.  


Janet O. said...

It's another beauty, Debbie! : )

Vroomans' Quilts said...

They are both beautiful and I love seeing the two next to each other.

Terri said...

What a difference a 1/2" makes! They both are gorgeous... and the same pattern, but soooo different at the end. Thanks for doing this. It's an eye opening study, to me anyway.
Hope you have lots of fun - even if it is inside. We are having record breaking heat here in the NW. We've had at least 8 days over 90 in a row. We'll probably be indoors, too. Happy 4th.

Mary said...

Your quilts are lovely. I've made this pattern too and thoroughly enjoyed the process. It's a pattern well worth doing more than once.

Sheila said...

Both are beautiful! Awesome. FUN to see them together and see how 1/2 " makes a difference..

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