Tuesday, July 7, 2015

And now, we return to regular programming.....

  I remember when breaking news would disrupt a TV program, and then the announcer would say, "We return you to regular programming."  Today, of course, there is that annoying scroll across the bottom or top of the screen.  No breaks in the show, and you get extra info from around the globe.  Sometimes we just need to step back and take a break before returning to regular programming.

   My regular programming in the sewing room is to begin the next Let's Book It project.  From one of my favorite books....Relax and Quilt, is a Birds in the Air block.   The scrap stash yielded a stack of already cut 5" squares for the large unit, and 3" squares for the smaller unit.

 I decided to experiment with the technique of trimming to size before pressing the triangles open.   And I am using a regular square ruler with drawn lines---using a dry erase marker.  The drawn line is placed on the sewn seam line rather than the edge of the fabric.  Trim and press open.....the unit is square! This tip is really a time saver.   Update:   Here's the link for the tutorial on this tip.....click here. 
   I have seen several different layouts for these blocks.....so expect a variation from the regular and symmetrical version.

  In between marking, sewing and pressing, I am playing around with mug rugs, and snack mats.  I had way too many batting scraps piling up and it was time to piece them together, so I spent one afternoon just doing that.  So far I have about 6 mats in various stages.....more on that later as I progress.

   I see where Bonnie Hunter is starting a tumbler quilt along......I have never been interested in doing one in the past.  Yet, for some reason, I am thinking it might be a good leader/ender project to have by the machine.    Lol.....I must be crazy to be saying this......I would need a new ruler for the tumblers.  Quick someone talk me out of this!

  Whatever is on your program schedule.....enjoy.  Happy stitching.


Ruth said...

The tumbler quilt is such mindless fun. Go for it.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love the new Book It project. I've done a few tumblers, so that one really is not on my list. I need to finish what is in progress or needs that binding - quite a pile.

Janet O. said...

I have that same book--I had to go check my bookshelf, but I thought it sounded familiar. I like your choice.
What a great tip to use the dry erase markers to mark your rulers. And I have never seen this method of squaring up HSTs. I'll have to give it a try. Looks interesting.
Talk you out of it? Are you kidding? I have tumbler templates in at least four different sizes--you need at least one!! *LOL*
But I am not doing Tumblers as l/e. I have a windmill project that currently fills that need.

Dana Gaffney said...

That's what I'm doing, trying to get back on schedule and the first on the list is Let's Book It, of course I pulled out one that I've already done but forgot about, LOL. I think anything that Bonnie does is fun, so go for it, what's one more template? of course going to buy it could lead to fabric purchases, uh oh.

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