Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Ending June with July plans

  Jumping Jupiter....the year is half  gone!  Or is that there's still 6 months left in this year?  Anyway,  June was a small month for finishing, with headway made on two projects for next month.

Finishes for June.....project folder from leftover bargello,  table top strings with flowers, and the floral quilt, Summer Popourri.

Progress made on two projects that should be finished in July.....if I don't get side-tracked.
   Both fall into my Year of Floral quilts category.  Besides a couple of watercolor wall hangings, I have 3 large floral quilts done this year.....Where My Feet May Fall---log cabin variation block;  Metamorphosis----sashed string qult;  Summer Potpourri----just finished using the Faux Braid block.  The  floral Carolina Chain will be a small lap quilt, and the floral bargello will be a wall hanging.

 The smaller floral quilt of Carolina Chain blocks  is pieced and now  quilted.   Binding and label are ready to go on.  So I know I can get this done in July.

    The Let's Book It bargello project is still on the design wall, but I have decided on the border.  This will be my main focus next week.....get border on, and prep for the quilting.

   I have my eye on the next Let's book It project......only I will make a smaller version of what I picked out.  Smaller versions seem to satisfy me right could be the heat and crazy weather  that are affecting my concentration on projects.   Rather than fight a big quilt project, I am taking the simpler path of smaller  lap quilts.  And it is time to start thinking about Christmas gifts.....small is good!  Happy stitching.   


Mary said...

June was a good month for you. It may not seem like you finished a lot, but from perspective you did! Is your stash of florals shrinking any that you can tell?

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Yes, I agree - June was a good month for you. So many pretty florals!

Janet O. said...

So many pretty quilts. Good work!
Christmas gifts? Yikes--how did the year get half over?

Quilting Babcia said...

Some wonderful finishes, I love seeing your florals. And, let's not talk too much about how fast the year is flying by, lol! I'm just happy summer is finally here!

Dana Gaffney said...

I can't believe you said the "C" word! I'm going to ignore that and just say beautiful finishes, every one.

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