Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday finds...July

I have been slack  on posting Friday Finds.....let's say I am in the summer doldrums.   This week is a little bit different.  It's about paying it forward and giving back to your community.

Featured Fabric
I am sure you know about the Million Pillowcase Challenge.  There are great tutorials all over. .... the taco style pillowcase with flange, the simple pillowcase,  or make up your own style.  Most local quilt shops are participating to donate pillowcases to children in hospitals across the nation.  Make a pillowcase, help a child, then make a few for gifts and of course, one to keep!

   Now there is Skirting the make a simple skirt to donate to a girl in foster care for her first day of school.  My local quilt shop is participating and supporting this project.   I found a simple one seam pattern here to make a skirt  with information on all sizes.  Check with your local shop for details.

  My sewing life began when I was young....making clothes for school.  Later, I made clothes for my daughter, until she became the sewing whiz and designer.   So I think I can whip  up a simple skirt or two for this.  Actually, it sounds like fun and provides a way to use up some of the neglected stash elements.   I may not be able to build a house, or do home repairs for those in need, as my talents are located in the sewing room.  It's all about that.....using your talent and paying it forward.

  As always....follow the links rather than pinning from here.  Happy stitching.  


  1. I like the skirt you picked and with the elastic waist it will last a while, plus fit more than one girl.

  2. Our quilt guild does the pillowcases for a local charity at Christmas time - we have a highly motivated group with over 100 every year.

  3. I haven't heard of either--I'm glad you posted about them. The skirt idea is so cool! (If I had prettier legs, I'd make a few for myself!) I could totally make some of those--I'll have to see if they do that around here. I sewed all of my own clothes as a teen but kinda stopped when I started having kids. Then quilts became more fun! But sometimes I miss it...


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