Friday, July 10, 2015

Lots of small things

  No great finds this week.....blogland seems to in the middle of summer vapors, and things are slow.  If you discover any good finds, let me know and I will share them next week.

I have been working on small things...snack mats and mug rugs all week.  I worked with everything from strings to hunks, threw in some appliques and leftovers.  These are practical ones, not necessarily beauties.

 I did a pair using this fabric for Remy.   While he was helping his Dad sort through boxes of stored items, he discovered "treasures"......a bag of fishing lures that were my Dad's.  So when I had 2 hunks of this fabric left from pillowcases, I knew exactly what to do with it......a couple of snack mats for him.  He will drive his dad crazy talking about the ones on this!

   The diagonal strings go together quickly but ended up a little plain.  So I did some raw edge appliques using simple plume shapes.

  Moving things around, I ran across one more embroidered hankie.  I love turning  these into mug rugs for gifts....they are so delicate.

  One more......leftover floral band, another bit of raw edge applique and a couple of chunks for balance.  In all I finished 10  items, for a nice start to gifts for later this year.

   While I was fresh this morning, I machine quilted the floral bargello.   I had planned to finish it up yesterday after my dental check up.  Well, that was a snake in the grass.  I have a cracked crown  that must be replaced....I will spare notating the details.  Let's just say I had a splitting headache the rest of the day.  And there won't be any fabric purchases for a while.    Not that I need any, mind you.  It's more the inspiration from new fabric that I enjoy and want.  I  will just use this time to clear out and use up some of my 20 year old stash.   But then I have said that before.....enjoy the weekend, stay cool, and happy stitching.


Janet O. said...

You are right about blogland being slow right now.
Wonderful progress on gifts for the future. I need to do better at that. I especially love the one from the lace hankie.
Sorry about your crown. I have one that I fear needs work, but am having too much jaw trouble right now to let the dentist keep my mouth open long enough to work on it.
Maybe if we all went in for expensive dental work there would be a crisis at the fabric stores. : )

Mary said...

Sorry about the cracked crown and headache. You've managed to be very productive and creative this week!

Sheila said...

What crummy luck. A cracked crown. Seems a lot of people are doing vacation things, outings. I've been enjoying the Rainbow scrap challenge mid-yearprogree linkups at Angela's SoScrappy BlogSpot.

Dana Gaffney said...

I'm so sorry about the cracked crown, mine is aching in sympathy with just the thought of it. Great little projects, I love the idea for Remy's and the thought of him driving his dad nuts, LOL.

Quilting Babcia said...

So sorry about the crown and resulting headache. Not a great way to spend a summer day for sure. I think I still have some of that fishing lure fabric, now which grandson to gift it to is the question!

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