Monday, July 27, 2015

Rail Fence flimsy surprise

  The leader/ender project that had been on the design wall gave me a little surprise.  Hanging on the design wall, it was colorful, and a little bit plain.  So I knew a border of some sort was required.

  Shopping in the stash closet----- I was looking for something to bring it all together.   I had enough of the cream rail fabric for the outer border...which would help float the design.  Yet I wanted a narrower inner border to frame it.   A large print just made it busier.  A small  print looked alike dots and was distracting to me.  Black was  under whelming.  Various blue fabrics were uninspiring.  My green collection is getting sparse.

   Then I went to the red section.

  I have had this mottled fabric for several years.....won as a door prize.  It's not really of those that are difficult to classify.  Some goldish orange that blends into a red purple a large piece it is ugly.   Yet, cut into strips  as an inner border, it not only stops the design, it enhances the gold and red fabrics in the mix.

   Once the borders were added, I was surprised to see how well it worked for this rail fence variation.  A little unexpected use of some ugly fabric adds a spark to a very simple pattern.
   Now it is on to the backing and quilting.  Maybe you will discover a surprise in your stash!

  Happy stitching.    


  1. It does tie it all together so nicely. I have been culling my uglies to the local church sewing group - they think they are just wonderful. In the eye of the beholder

  2. Isn't it wonderful when the ugly duckling becomes a swan! Great finish for this top. I'm becoming a real believer in narrow borders, they so often are just right.

  3. Very nice, that ugly fabric is perfect and really makes the quilt pop.

  4. You couldn't have made a better choice. Now I wonder if I have a diamond in the rough in my stash.

  5. A great solution. It really does tie it all together and give it a little zing. Nice job!

  6. Now, how will you bind it? White? Red? Mixed colors? I know; here I am stirring up trouble. Sometimes I find the perfect border, but then I'm not sure about the binding. Anyway, it's lovely quilt. The checkered rails are interesting, too.


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