Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Revised Project Cutting List

Project Cutting List  Rev. 2

  I noticed a huge surge in stats yesterday that seemed to be coming from Facebook.   I thought over 1,000 views was a little bit odd for my blog!
Sure enough,  the Project Cutting List had been shared there.....which is fine.
  One of the comments suggested an added column to check off  when  completed.  I liked that, so a little revision was needed.
  If you are seeing this for the first time.....I put together this chart to help me when cutting a block with multiple sizes of pieces.  I had a minor mistake occur on a recent project and ended up short on two different size pieces for each block!  I print this on card stock and have plenty of space on the back for notes.  And I have a handy reference if I decide to repeat the block or project later.

 Here is Rev 2 of the Project Cutting List.      The original can still be printed from the original post.     

  More scraps turned in to snack mats and mug rugs.  The small ones were done with no binding.  I figured out how do the simple "birthing" without having to hand stitch the turning spot closed on the edge.  I used 2 pieces for the backing...leaving the opening for turning in the seam for the backing.  It was such an obvious thing to do, and yet all this time I missed it!
Keep learning new tricks.....happy stitching.  


Dana Gaffney said...

Nice addition to the cutting list, I would put a dot next to it if I needed to know what I had cut. I'm not surprised people went crazy about it, it's such a good idea, I have scrap paper all over the place with notes but no idea which project they're for LOL.

Janet O. said...

The extra column is a good idea.
Look at you churning out little gifties. You will be so ready for the holidays.

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Hmm, maybe you should've copyrighted it and sold it or something! That would've gotten the "quilt fund" jar filled up quickly! LOL Seriously, tho, it is a wonderful idea and it's great that you've shared it.

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