Saturday, September 24, 2016

Another thing.....

  We were quietly watching TV after dinner.  I had had a long, tough therapy session and was almost ready to doze off.  Something began beeping in the kitchen.  UGH!  The controller /touch pad went out on the wall ovens.   Sir Old Man attempted his normal mastery of fixing no avail.
   So the next morning he began calling for service, only to be told it would be 2 weeks before they could come to  look at it.  Then he checked on the cost of the part........$$$.  It was about 60% of the value of the ovens  for the repair.

  Now I was not a math whiz, but common sense says that would be throwing money away again.  Oh yeah, this is the second time the unit has gone out and the prices have greatly increased.  So research time, and call to nephew for his purchasing contacts......we picked out a new wall oven.  Limited selection because this unit in a 24'' set, and any other size would mean ripping out the cabinet and having it rebuilt.  Time, money, and effort influenced me to just replace the old one.  We are hoping for a new one this week.......getting tired of sandwiches and  microwave heated leftovers.

  The schedule for next week is crazy......I see the neurologist on Monday for a consult and possible testing, OT/PT is Tuesday and Thursday, and the quilt show set up for us will have to be Friday after a morning appointment.
   This morning Sir Old Man arranged all the quilts and wall hangings in order for the display of my watercolor projects.   The small pieces are already pinned to the black fabric for ease of hanging.   I will take photos at the show to share.....just hoping my part comes together as I see it in my mind.   If you are anywhere near Greenville, SC, please stop by the Aunt Het Festival and visit the quilt show.

One thing accomplished
.....pinning a table runner I had pieced before I got sick.  It's the one with the plumes on it.  Pinning it was a test of my OT skills!  Without the sense of touch and feedback in my fingers, it was a reminder of how much I took for granted.  Quilting it will be another test, I think.  But it is a table runner and a wonderful size to begin my practicing on.  It doesn't have to be perfect.
Happy stitching!


  1. Oh no! When it rains, it pours. Your wall oven set up is like mine...very narrow opening. Ours bit the dust a few years back & we had limited choices to fit in our space also. It sounds like you are ready for the quilt show. I wish I lived in Greenville on Friday. I know you are anxious to practice on the table runner. Anything made with love is perfect & it will be just that.

  2. That sounds like good therapy doing the pinning. Sometimes we just have to continue on with our new way of doing things.

  3. Sounds like you have a wild week coming up. Wish I was close; I'd love to see the quilt show. So glad you were able to pin the table runner. Sometimes we learn to adapt and it sounds like you are! ~Jeanne

  4. We replaced our wall oven last Dec. We went from a microwave oven combo, to a double oven (lots of work to adjust for size). I was glad to have my oven back, too. Looking forward to pictures from your quilt show. I'll be at a quilt show here, next weekend. Good luck with your table runner quilting. I tear up my fingertips by pin basting, and I have feeling in my fingers. I should use the pin closer thingy.

  5. Maddening to have your oven go out--again! They are pricey to repair, aren't they? You made a good call.
    Wow, that would be hard to pin without the sense of touch. Are you getting any of the feeling back? I hope you see improvement, however gradual.
    I wish you well with your upcoming busy week!

  6. The electronics in appliances are maddening. I wish I had a new old oven with a pilot light. Replaced the igniter in ours more than once. My guild's quilt show is this coming Friday and Saturday, but in Buffalo, NY. My sister lives near Greenville, but is not interested in quilts. I am sure those watercolor quilts will look stunning all together. So thrilled that you are continuing on however slowly! Will pray that the Dr. appointment and therapies will help you get stronger and better.

  7. My neighbor has the same wall oven and they have replaced that part twice already. I think it is a flaw in the design that has the heat exhausting too close to the wiring and sensors.
    Enjoy the quilting - it will be more good OT for you.

  8. Always something my dear. Pinning is good OT/PT. You have a busy schedule ahead, be sure to get a little down time.

  9. Well it's always something isn't it? Those ovens are so expensive to repair. I hope our very old gas range will hold out until at least next year. Your week sounds incredibly busy - wish we were closer to be able to visit your quilt show/exhibit.

  10. You sure have a busy week ahead - but wishing you all the best for your medical appointments and the show.
    I love this table runner and pleased you're working on pinning, that's a good start!!

  11. Hoping you're able to replace it without too much expense! Currently trying to decide what to do about my leaky washing machine. (It's already been fixed once, and that left it ridiculously loud; hubs wants to try to get it fixed--something in me says after one fix, they're not worth it; it's about 10 years old.) Our old oven was similar and we DID end up tearing everything out--but it was 28 years old, along with the rest of the kitchen so... Still, I wouldn't wish that mess on ANYone! (Though I am very happy with my wider double-oven!)
    Yes, a table runner seems like a great project to work on! Hoping to do a few here as soon as I finish up some current quilts.


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