Friday, December 2, 2016

December plans

  For December the word is Recovery!  My time to heal, reflect, and renew.
I don't plan to start anything new, and probably won't complete things waiting in the wings. 
  •  I have 3 projects pinned and waiting their time under the needle---soon I hope as Hot Legs has been idle too long.  
  •  I have 2 things that need to be basted and prepped for FMQ---pineapple blossoms and a watercolor banner.
  • Wild Geese (or maybe Night Flight) are joined into strips and need sashing up, and a small border added.
  • Floral 9 patch blocks are in the sewing stage.  I need more strips cut, but must wait for some healing to the hands.   Applique for the alternating squares can be planned but not able to cut things out yet.

Two small projects completed for November.   Both are table toppers of string piecing with appliques added.  

   We finished the re-do on the pantry closet, and then went thru carpel tunnel surgery on both wrists.  So December will be a quiet time of healing and recovery.

  • I did not make labels for the projects awaiting quilting, so that is something I will do this month.  If the labels are done already, it will give me a push in January to finish things.  
  • Plan appliques for the 9 patch floral----I haven't shown this one yet:)
  • Make plans for January finishes.
  • Recover and enjoy the season.
  Report on the bandage removal:  The hands are now clean and those stinky bandages and wraps removed.  Incisions are covered with Tegaderm and they look good.  I won't show photos as my hands are purple, quite bruised.  
I am to use fingers as much as possible, just no pulling, lifting, or tugging on anything.  So I can type, and rotary cutting though.  Cooking is still off limits too.  Two weeks of being cautious/careful.  The good news....the very good news is that there is a very slight improvement in the sensation or feeling in the right hand!  Not so much on the left but I can be happy and rejoice in any improvement!    
  And that's a wrap for  December should be a breeze.
Happy stitching.  


  1. It is a month of rest and reflection. Enjoy the Season with friends, family and self. Keep wiggling those fingers

  2. Follow those orders! We want you recovered. Take it easy this month. Sir Old Man can handle things. Maybe you need a coloring book. Practicing holding the pencils, and playing with them will work your fingers (even if you don't color anything). When I had my finger surgery (10 years ago), I had to pick up pins, etc. I was determined to be able to hand quilt again, so, I worked on an anniversary quilt for hubby (surprise for him). I'd stitch a few stitches with my injured finger, then use the other fingers, then use the injured finger again, for a few more stitches, until I could sew with it again. I now have full use and almost full bending in that finger (after just a couple of months therapy). The doc and the therapists said that my sewing was the biggest factor in my recovery. Just don't overdo anything.

  3. This is a time for healing, and so much to look forward to in the new year. We should all spend December reflecting on our abundant blessings. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Glad you're seeing some improvement! I think too often we rush through this season, perhaps this will be a chance for you to experience it in a new way. I certainly hope it brings unexpected blessings for you.

  5. It is so great you are making progress, so happy for you! Do be careful, but keep rehabbing. Can you sketch ideas for quilts, some graph paper and a pencil? It might give your brain something to do and come up with some new great ideas.

  6. I am so thrilled about the good news that I forgot everything else I had read in the post!!!
    Praying that your recovery will be a time of rest and peace for you!

  7. Your December plans are perfect. There will be plenty of time in January to finish projects and begin new ones. Of course you can think up some new ideas while you are recovering.... ~Jeanne

  8. Always relieved to hear your good news and the table toppers are lovely!

  9. You were brave to do both wrists at the same time. I hope the healing progresses well and you are back to normal soon.

  10. Will you be able to cook in two weeks if all goes well? Nice timing for some of your usual holiday baking. Sewing and typing will keep you busy for awhile with nice long rests included. Make sure you wear lots of purple so you can really flaunt those hands, you went through a lot to get that lovely color. :)

  11. I am glad to hear that you are taking time to heal from this surgery. Perhaps someone could cut fabric for you? (Sir Old Man - are you listening?)

  12. I was thinking the same thing as Gene. Maybe Sir Old Man could rotary cut strips for you. He knows how to measure twice and cut once, right? And isn't frustrating when you can't do something, it's the one thing you really want to do. Enjoy the month, doodle some FMQ motifs and applique designs and you'll be already for January.

  13. Every little helps doesn't it? So happy you are feeling more in your hand now, and you have lots of projects listed but a good idea to take stock during December and take it easy!

  14. So glad the bandages are off & you are able to feel a bit in the right hand. Praying for full recovery & feeling in both hands. Your December plans sound fantastic.

  15. I am so inspired by your determination, I know you have to do what you have to do, but you've been through so much and are still positive. Wishing you a wonderful and healing December.

  16. Wishing you a full recovery and health and happiness in the new year!

  17. Your December plan sounds like a good one to me. Time to heal, reflect and renew. At some point in my journey toward maturity, while my kids were still at home, I decided to take a more laid back approach to the holiday season so that I would have time to consider the reality of the season apart from the frantic activities and commercialism, etc. Time to savor the season. It is so good to hear that your surgery went well, with the added bonus of a bit more sensation in the one hand. Prayers and hopes still for you.


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